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The Design Mark

Evidence portfolio: Hathershaw College of Technology & Sport

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Status - 2 Values1: Value, status and importance of a design ethos in the school how is this demonstrated throughout the school?


Why has this evidence been included?

As a Technology college, Design and Technology is compulsory to all students and is high on the schools agenda for design education.  In KS3 and KS4 the students have 2 hours a week in D&T - in KS3 this is in the form of 1hour of Resistant materials and 1hour of Compliant Materials.  From Year 9 all students opt for a D&T subject.  In addition the students study Art, Art Graphics and design is included in our very successful IT curriculum

National Design and Technology week is celebrated in the school with a variety of Design activities, including Designers in Residence and this is celebrated whole school and shared in assemblies.

Our buildings are very old so Design, therefore, is important; to bring the school up to date and to make it relevant to our students. We are continually looking to improve the environment, designing new areas of the school building - both inside and outside, and particularly with displays which enhance the existing environment. This Design will be more in evidence as we approach BSF in 2011.

Our mission statement has Design clearly embedded

Our website was designed in house by our ICT development officer - This is currently being reviewed. Our prospectus is well designed and is also available on line. Promotional videos are being currently being designed for Open Evening and as we become a Trust school.

What does this evidence demonstrate?

The teaching of design, its importance is clearly demonstrated throughout the school, a clear mission statement reflects our school(document1).

Whole school displays reflect design - Design and Technology week(Document2), Maths and Crime Cross curricular project display(document 3), designer of the current month is displayed in the foyer (document4) and a gallery of previous months outside the head teachers room(document5)

Designers in residence was celebrated with main school display(document 7) along with trips that enrich the curriculum e,g Clothes Show(document 6)

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Status - 2 Values2: Embeddedness and sustainability of design education in the school how well is succession planning embedded?


Why has this evidence been included?

As a Technology College, Design and Technology undergoes rigourous evaluation. Firstly on an annual basis to the Headteacher on analysis of exam results at GCSE and Teacher assessment at KS3. This informs planning for the following accademic year and suitability of courses and offered. A more recent initiative introduced is a Faculty focus to monitor the quality of teaching and learning

It is also subject to challenging targets from the SSAT. Progress to these are reviewed on a regular basis. 

CPD requirements are discussed on a regular basis to ensure the D&T staff are kept up to date with the ever changing nature of the subject. The Design and Technology faculty are regularly attend design related days run by SSAT Lead practioners and subject leaders. The faculty has hosted these events for the SSAT and our staff have also delivered INSET on these occassions. OCR regional training took place at Hathershaw in June 2008 with one of our team fronting this training. In addition, we are a member of DATA and use the Designing Magazine, which we featured in for Bag design in Primary schools, as an inspiration for future design opportunities. All staff use CAD effectively with staff trained in Pro-Desktop, Speedstep, Google Sketch up.

The Design and Technology team are very innovative in their approach to teaching design and are always willing to experiment. All members of the team contibute to the writing  and evaluating of SOW, and where as the project is set in stone there is huge flexibility in the delivery of the content, thus not resticting innovation. Resources are well planned and sourced for all SOW with Technicians playing a big role in preparing for Design Education.

 The team regulary visit other schools to observe good practise in design and Technology. The most recent was a visit to Ashfield school to look at the new OCR Product Design

What does this evidence demonstrate?

A forward thinking faculty that responds to change and implements this in the classroom.

Results analysis2008(document 1)indicates the drilling down review of each material area after each summer exams. This informs planning re which teachers to take which groups, appropriate specifications etc

The faculty focus Nov 2008(document 2)is a recent whole school development to monitor the quality of learning and teaching. All teachers were observed and standards assessed. This informs the priority for the Faculty improvement plan. A development for the next accademic year is to further involve students in this focus.

Hathershaw hosted the Oldham teachers CPD day(all D&T teachers together for one day to update subject knowledge) Document 3 and 4 indicate some of subject content and planning.

Document 5 illustrates Primary Bag project that featured in Designing magazine.

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