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The Design Mark

Evidence portfolio: Highworth Girls Grammar School

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Status - 2 Values1: Community connections how does the school work with the wider community groups seeking to make potential design scenarios real?


Why has this evidence been included?

KS4 projects were based on real life graphical design needs within the local community of Ashford.

A KS3 project developed to raise the level design work was utilised by advisors at a national level showing shared good practice

Community cohesion

What does this evidence demonstrate?

KS4 Graphics group designed a logo for Ashford Borough Council to be used & promote their annual ‘Festival in the Park’, used on all promotional material.

How students as part of a whole school exercise worked with Ward Henry Design to develop a idea into a corporate school logo.


Kent Music School developed and manufactured signage for the Jazz Orchestra



Support files:

Logo Design By Year 10 Graphics Products group.doc

New Highworth_logo(1).jpg




Status - 2 Values2: Sharing practice in what way has the school demonstrated its commitment to sharing good practice locally?


Why has this evidence been included?

To show how we share and support good practice with local schools and beyond.

Sharing good practice nationally - developing KS3 Case Study work

What does this evidence demonstrate?

Run courses for KCC DT teachers to promote and share good practice, project development, particularly in the field of CAD/CAM work.

Advising local schools when approached (usually they have been recommended to contact us) with CAD/CAM problems, use of facilities, project work,

A KS2 projects linked to local primary schools to allow them access to our facilities and expertise – Pizza design, make and package., Simple LED torch design and make.

P Tate in his AST role assisting Homewood school to raise the DT GCSE A-C grades from 14% to 50% in 2008. Working with Ellington School Ramsgate to establish a 3D workshop and train staff in the use of the equipment to achieve good effective project work.

Demonstrating our passion for DT to visiting students, teachers and other visitors.

Support files:

FW thanks to Design Technology Department.htm

GCSE results!.htm

RE Polyprop lamps.htm

design mark light(1).ppt