Green energy is under threat. Construction of wind farms and solar power plants might stop in Ukraine. Investors fear possible decrease of the green tariffs. Those are prices for clean energy paid by the state. Head of the relevant parliamentary committee, Andrii Herus, is suggesting lowering them retrospectively. Pavlo Tyrskyi was trying to find out possible consequences. People are suffering, people are dying and whole ecosystems are being eliminated. We are at the beginning of mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales about eternal economic growth. This is the UN climate summit. 16-year-old Greta Thunberg reproaches the politicians as they are slow in fighting the global warming. The girl is confident that minimum of harmful emissions and development of green energy might stop the warming on the planet. The leaders in the development of renewable power generation are China, Denmark, India, Iceland, and one of the poorest countries – Kenya. The biggest wind farm in Africa was commissioned there last summer. Before 2020, the Kenyans are planning to fully switch to the consumption of green electricity. The strategic goal of Ukraine and its international obligation is to start producing 11% of electric energy from renewable energy resources before 2020. However, the indicator is only 4% three months before the date. Volodymyr Blikhar has built two SPPs and was planning to construct a wind power plant. If the green tariff is lowered in Ukraine, he will refuse to build it. Earlier, the state promised to procure all green energy at the uniform green tariff set until 2030. And now the chair of the parliamentary energy committee, Andrii Herus, is suggesting paying green producers less. Experts say the production of green energy is at threat. Investors must not be informed of lowering of the tariffs retrospectively. The law cannot be retroactive. Our President has clearly sees and at all international meetings he tells all international investors that renewable power generation is a priority for Ukraine. Investors will lack the money to build anything in Ukraine if the green tariffs are reduced. Reduction of the green tariffs to the point lower of the investment attractiveness would mean renunciation of the development of green energy. Investors will stop all the projects underway. Secondly, neither domestic nor foreign investors will come here on such terms. Town of Chortkiv in Ternopil region has been planning to fully switch to renewable power consumption before 2050. We have allocated 12 hectares of land for the construction of an SPP however, the investor is already thinking if he should build it this year or build it at all. All because rumors say about lower tariffs, and the cost of connection, technical terms, to energy networks… They don’t let anyone plan the business today. Besides, investors are ready to go into litigation with Ukraine, as the state promised some other green tariff when they were building the plants. Now they mention new figures. If the construction is terminated, people will lose their jobs and the budget – its revenues. And the most importantly, Ukraine’s energy security will be at threat. In 2022 and 2025, Ukrainian NPP units will unfortunately be decommissioned and some thermal power plants will be stopped. And the green generation is a cheap resource if built from scratch compared to NPPs or TPPs. If Ukraine does not have own energy, it will have to either procure it from aggressor country Russia or Europe. And it will cost much more. Pavlo Tyrskyi, Yulia Dronnyk, Taras Myshak. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

В Україні може зупинитись зведення вітряних та сонячних станцій

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