[Music] Hi, I’m Bill Neely with OneGroup’s Construction
Team. Today, we have a special guest, Chuck Dorgan
of MicroDrones, based out of Rome, New York. Today, Chuck and I are going to talk about
the construction industry and how UAS and UAV drones can have a positive impact on a
contractor and how they do business. How they can create safer work environments,
and improve efficiencies. But, before we get into today’s topic, I
want to introduce Chuck. Chuck thank you for coming in today. Thank you very much Bill. Appreciate you inviting me here. I’m the sales director for United States
for MicroDrones. We are a full solutions provider for both
mapping, surveying, structural inspection, and precision agriculture. So, we don’t just make airframes, we make
and provide systems, solutions to our customers. We’re trusted by over 1,000 different customers
worldwide. We have locations in Germany, France, Montreal,
and here in New York. So, that’s MicroDrones. And I can be a little testimony here for Chuck. They do a great job and we have been working
together for some time. Today’s topic! This technology in construction. Chuck, in your opinion, do you think there’s
a fit, a synergy between these two industries. Absolutely, little beknown, it’s the second
fastest growing industry, or segment for MicroDrones, is the construction industry. And, we focus on a couple different areas
there. One, mapping and surveying. Throughout the whole project of a construction
site, you can go in and map and survey that area without having to put survey ground crew
in harm’s way of heavy equipment. Or on piles for volume calculations. That’s one of the applications. The second one is structural inspection. So, rather than having your employees climb
structures to do inspections on things, you can fly a drone. And you can get some amazing detail, right
down to the threads on a bolt or a serial number, you can see with our drones flying
them. So, there is a couple different things that
construction companies are using. I agree, and I think this technology could
be a terrific asset for folks in the construction industry. Again, creating that safer work environment
for their employees, for their field contractors, or field workers. And improved efficiencies, which means a reduced
bottom line, or a better bottom line. Which is always important and something to
keep an eye on. So, I agree, I believe this technology could
play a role with helping contractors now and into the future. Recently, I did reach out to a few of my contractors
just to see if they are currently utilizing this technology. And , I’ll tell you, not many are, but they’re
all very interested. So, this is something we are going to be keeping
our eye on. Its coming quick. Speaking of keeping our eye on it, anything
we should be looking forward to seeing coming out of MicroDrones in the near future? Yes, so for 2017, we have a couple different
packages we are going to be releasing. Li-Dars’s being one. There’s a huge demand for Li-Dar. There’s a lot of folks, especially in the
mapping and surveying world, really can’t wait for this, And we are going to be offering
two different packages for that. Another is lazar-methane gas detection system,
which our utility partners are really interested in using. So, those are the two main things coming out
in 2017, but we are continuously growing and continuously offering more packages. Terrific. We’re going to post Chuck’s information. So, if you have and questions or comments
for him, you will be able to reach directly out to Chuck. Thank you for coming in today. Thank you very much for having me. I’m Bill Neely with OneGroup’s Construction
Team. We’ll see you next time.

004 – Digging Deeper – Construction and Drone Technology
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