Hello everyone, I’m RIch Noonan for
Best of the Best television, a program in which we travel all over America in
search of our nation’s best businesses and we have found one of them today! Today on Best of the Best, the story of
Watkins Construction and Roofing. Congratulations to the incredible team
at Watkins Construction and Roofing in Jackson, Mississippi, with a big footprint
in this part of the country, to be the only company in this part of America to
win back-to-back national Best of the Best honors each year since
2015, including our top honors for customer satisfaction in 2016, ’17, ’18, and ’19 because Watkins is a very good company
in every way! At Best of the Best, we never tell a company owner that we are
reviewing that company, but we know things can change at companies so we
always monitor their work and their reviews. Things have changed at Watkins Construction and Roofing! The company has grown and the reviews have gotten even better and they were great to begin with
when we first reviewed Watkins years ago. The owner, Michael Dier, and his
leadership team are very progressive guys. They do a lot of things the others
don’t in this part of the country in this industry. They could not be more
proud of their very experienced team of people and our research over the last
several years shows they should be proud! Watkins Construction has achieved a lot.
This company does a lot of things really well – all kinds of roofing systems,
skylights, they are an Owens Corning Platinum
Preferred Contractor, which in our view is the best certification you can get in
roofing. Fewer than 1% of all roofing contractors in North America ever
achieve OC Platinum Preferred status. Being a Platinum Preferred allows the Watkins
team to offer the best warranty in the roofing industry.
It gives Watkins’ clients coverage for 50 years! That’s amazing! Watkins
Construction and Roofing is so laser focused on the customer experience. These
guys have their own app in which clients can check the progress of their job.
Watkins has invested in multiple Equipters, which are awesome machines that
allow Watkins’ crews to throw those old shingles into a bin that lifts right up
to most roofs. Most roofers just throw the old shingles
on the yard below which damages the shrubs and leaves tons of nails all over
the place after the crew is long gone. Not Watkins. Another thing we love is
that Watkins offers financing so people can get a roof that they really need now
and pay for it over time, rather than have to come up with a big chunk of
money – so important after a big storm for
example! It’s the way we handle, you know, our customers, it’s the technology that
we use, it’s the drones, it’s the Equipter, it’s the staff, it’s the family-oriented
environment, the culture, it’s the Watkins Way.
Watkins also has some great videos they’ve done over the years featuring
their clients and their team members – you should watch them. They’re informative
and well done, but at Best of the Best we care most about our own independent
research and recent reviews from real customers. The reviews and testimonials
about Watkins Construction and Roofing are fantastic. We read a few hundred of them,
which is a lot, most roofing companies don’t have nearly as many five-star
reviews. Watkins Construction and Roofing is a multiple Angie’s List Super Service
Award winner and clients in their reviews, on Angie’s List, and lots of
other credible websites simply rave about this company’s attention to detail,
workmanship, professionalism of the crews, and, most importantly to us – the honesty
and integrity displayed by everyone at Watkins every single day. Finally at Best
of the Best we really value companies that give back. This one has for years!
Watkins Construction and Roofing supports the No Roof Left Behind program
in which a family in need is nominated by the community to get a free roof from
Watkins. That is so awesome! Watkins also supports several charitable
initiatives that help children. Watkins supports youth sports teams…we
could go on and on. These are very good people worthy of your business.
Congratulations to everyone at Watkins Construction and Roofing for winning
national Best of the Best honors each year since 2015, including our top honors
for customer satisfaction in 2016, ’17, ’18, and ’19 and, more importantly, for doing
business only one way, every single day for so many years, the right way.
Congratulations everyone! You earned it! Again!

2019 Best of the Best Winner (4th year running!) – Watkins Construction and Roofing

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