(upbeat music) – The Design Portfolio Review is an opportunity for
companies that are interested in meeting RISD talent to literally come to Providence at the convention center and have a chance to meet with students one-on-one for 15-minute reviews. – We are now seeing 120 companies. We have 600 students attending and in the course of just one afternoon to have nearly 3,000
interviews is just remarkable. But what’s really important is that this event is part of
a whole suite of events that we put on that help
our students prepare for the professional world. Now the review itself
used to be a one-day event and it now has expanded
into a networking reception the night before and then the next day they feel more comfortable
because at that point they’ve made a personal connection, they’ve been able to kinda
test out their introductions and it’s a really important way to ease them into this bigger event of the portfolio review. – It’s like that first
real world experience for a lot of RISD’s juniors and sort of a good second round
reminder for the seniors to really understand what employers are looking for, thinking, and what’s going on in creative agencies and companies out in the real world. – We love RISD. We come here several times a year. It’s a recruiting
mechanism for us for sure for both the internship
and for full-time talent. They’re articulate,
they’re great storytellers, they have a great business acumen and their work speaks to
that creative component. It’s the perfect blend
that we don’t really see in a lot of other
students and I think that that’s because of the curriculum
that RISD is teaching, the relationship that
their career services has with their students to
get them really ready for an internship opportunity and going into the
workforce after graduation. – I was really blown away
because I feel like I met some really great people. I made some good connections
that I wouldn’t have otherwise. – I’m excited about
meeting with the companies. I’m showing them my portfolio, trying to find a new
perspective or get new feedback, and see what I can improve upon like trying to get internships, trying to get a job, trying to just be more open
and be more comfortable to like discuss my portfolio
and discuss their position at the company. – It’s just not one day
or a couple of hours. It’s an experience. There’s a portfolio review. Then there’s a recruiting event. RISD cares about talent
in front of organizations and organizations have
a chance to really build a relationship with the talent. I think that’s what separates
RISD from other events. – We’re really looking for
experimentation and process and being able to showcase
your work in a very clean understandable way. – Seeing students that think this way is very important to us ’cause we can teach anyone a program, but we wanna see kind
of how you got there. The kind of sketches, the drawings, the kind of model making that
produced that final image. – I think an art and design
education is still perceived as okay you will do art and design. And a great many of our
graduates are gonna do that, but more than ever, students
are having an impact, in the climate, in environment, in healthcare, in finance. This education at RISD I
think is really producing students who are very concerned with having an impact in the world. – I did go to a lot of the
prep sessions that happened in preparation for the interview. And they were really helpful
’cause I had so many fears, I didn’t know what to expect. And they were like, “Oh
this is what will happen, and everyone’s gonna be super nice. Don’t worry about a thing.” – [Susan] The prep for the
Design Review Program involves really sort of start to finish
what a student would need to know to be successful at that event. Everything from where is
it and when do you show up? What do you bring with you? What are the most important
pieces that you wanna show? A lot of students do know
that we exist and they do know that there’s opportunity here for them. And we’re the place that
they can come to learn more about it and to take advantage of it. – They just give you like really good constructive criticism. I would give them my resume
and they would go through line by line with me and be like, “This is what’s working, this is what’s not working.” They do a really great
job of helping you curate which works to put into your portfolio aligning with your interests. I felt like that was really valuable in putting my portfolio together and being really confident
about the work that I put out. – Know what your interests are. Have questions. Find out where you can
be of service to them at their companies and take
the time to form a relationship with the people at career services because they will help you so much. – Overall it’s a great
experience and I feel that people must go to this, and don’t miss all the
opportunities and go junior year and senior year. – It’s always exciting to
be in a space with people who just love what they’re
doing and it inspires me as a student to keep moving
forward with what I enjoy. – This event is about opening doors. Maybe some of them don’t
end up leading down the path that you want to, but at the same time
having that conversation with various organizations
and people out there in the world, sparks that
idea that is so important for your own work and project. (upbeat music)

2019 RISD Design Portfolio Review
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