(snoring) – Shh…. (snoring) – Shh… Ah! Oh ghost! – [Ronald] Ghost! – What? Ghost! Ghost! – Wait- where is the- – [Ronald] What was that noise? – Was that just a bad dream? – [Ronald] Oh. – What? What is- What is- What? What?! No, this is not a dream, guys! (screaming) What? – [Ronald] Go back to bed! Go back to bed. – Ron, no! No, that’s a bad idea! That’s a bad idea, Ron, get out of bed. – Oh my God. – We have to call the cops, Ronald, (Karina shouting incoherently) – [Ronald] Okay, where’s my phone? – I can’t speak! Aah! He’s looking at us! – Aah! Go, go, go! Go! (screaming) – No, no! (Ronald screaming) – Go to the top! Ron? Okay. All right, we’re gonna
call them, all right. Call the cops, 9-1-1. Sir, there’s a cop in our house! There’s a cop in our-Uh, not a cop! there’s a ghost in the house, he’s looking at us! When we’re sleep-when we’re sleeping! Officer! Officer? Officer! What happened? (gargling) – What happened to him? (Ronald screaming) – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – What? What’s happened? – [Ronald] I saw the ghost! (Karina screaming) – We’re breaking out! Hide! Hide! Hide! Hide! – we’re breaking out! Run! – [Ronald] You’re breaking out? Okay, Grab all your things! – I-grab my stuff in
my chest, I left them! – [Ronald] Okay, I’m gonna
grab all your things. – I only have my sweater, my
dirt, music disc, and my phone. – [Ronald] Okay, let’s go! – Ronald, run! – [Ronald] Oh, where are you? – He’s coming! – [Ronald] Um, where are you? – I’m right here! – [Ronald] I gotta, well, we are-whoa, I got an axe to protect us. – Okay, can I have a weapon? – [Ronald] Um, you get an axe too. – Okay, thank you. – [Ronald] Okay, here’s your um, armor. – Yeah? – You get um, you can
get your backpack, too. – Thanks for my backpack,
thank you for my backpack. – Okay. – Wait, we left all
our food inside, Oh no! Okay we’re gonna get that back, ’cause we can’t hunt, We don’t know how. – [Ronald] Okay let’s
crouch, let’s sneak this. – Break down the doors,
’cause I left my keys. (Karina vocalizing) [Ronald] Oh! – He’s-I think he’s in our
bedroom, I hear thumps! (thumping) – [Ronald] Should I break? – No, don’t break it! – [Ronald] That would be
funny, if I break it under him. – Yeah but no, Ronald. Okay. Now come on, we need to go into our farm. – [Ronald] Okay. – All right. All right, nothing grew here, so there’s no point in going in here. Ah! You dropped your ax! – [Ronald] I dropped my axe. – Um, I still hear thumping upstairs. (thumping) – Um, let’s go to the refrigerator. Ronald- (screaming) – Fight! Fight back, Ronald! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! – [Ronald] Is he invincible? – Yes, he’s invincible! I can’t hurt him! – [Ronald] Oh boy- – Ronald, Run! Ronald, it’s haunted, okay? We’re running! Ronald, go! Go! – [Ronald] Go! Oh my God! – [Ronald] Karina, No,
I have a good place to- (Ronald stammering) I have something good. Okay, watch this… – Do you have the map? – [Ronald] Watch this,
watch this. Let’s do this. – Ooh, smart. – All right. – ‘Kay, we’re up on the trees. – We can see if he’s coming or not. – Well just not get-let’s
not-let’s get too high. Wait, he’s looking through
the window, trying to find us! we’re not in the house! – [Ronald] I blocked up one door… – Ronald, can I have the map? – [Ronald] A map? Map 17? – Yeah. – [Ronald] Okay, um… – I can’t really see anything on there, on here, because we’re off the map. he’s looking for us. Ron, what do you think that we should do? – [Ronald] Oh! I think he saw us! – What is he doing? Ron, I think that we need
to go back to our old house. Come on. – [Ronald] Wait, what? No, I want-I wanna fight-I
wanna see what he got! – No but Ronald, it’s too dangerous. You saw me trying to hit- – [Ron] No because I have lots
of wood we could build a hut. – Where? – [Ronald] I have like a stack of wood. – No, Ronald, Ronald, come back here. We could just go back to our old house, we don’t have to build anything. – [Ronald] Yeah but that’s
like-we could build a bigger one. – We don’t need a bigger
one. Ronald, we don’t need- we don’t-we don’t have
very much resources here. We don’t-Ronald, it doesn’t matter how big our house is right now, okay? We just need to live! There’s a ghost in a
house that we just bought, and now, we don’t know what to do. – [Ronald] Do we sell it? – We can’t sell it! – [Ronald] Sell it for a million dollars? – Yeah, that’s not gonna
seem too suspicious. Okay we have two minecrafts
in here, we’ve got our beds. – [Ronald] ‘Kay, we need
to get our pillows in here. ‘Kay. – Why are you breaking the beds? – [Ronald] This is how we roll. (laughing) – [Ronald] Okay, I guess I can’t do this. – Okay. I don’t know where um, he is, maybe we should keep an eye on him. – [Ronald] Maybe we should
make a secret place under here. – Yeah in the water, good idea. – [Ronald] Well, I just need a
sign, let me just get a sign. Um, ‘kay, I have a craft. – It’s hard to break under water. – [Ronald] Okay, I need
a sign so like um… – All right, I’m gonna keep an eye out. – [Ronald] Okay we need like,
a little hiding spot here. – Um, I’m gonna go over here. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. – And see, where is he? Um, I don’t know if he’s
in the house, still. – [Ronald] Is he outside the house? – I don’t know! Um, I don’t see him anywhere. – [Ronald] You sure? Maybe he’s after me! – I thought I saw him,
but that was just a cow. – [Ronald] Okay, ’cause yeah, he like- – I see him! – [Ronald] You see him? Does he see you? – I don’t know, I don’t
know if he sees me. – Um… – He’s hiding behind the strings! I don’t know how he fits over there, fits behind the string, but okay. I’m running back! I’m running back. Ron, I have
no idea what we could do. I think that we need to
move out of this island. It’s too dangerous, the ghost owns it! – [Ronald] Uh, okay. – We’ve been living
inside a haunted island for our entire lives. – [Ronald] I got a
good-I got some ladders, and um, yeah. and um, yeah. And um, yeah. – Okay, we can hide in there,
it can be our little hut. Okay. Um… – [Ronald] ‘Kay. I’m really smart, you’re
lucky that you have me. – Yeah, I actually am! All right, I’m gonna break
this chest, we need it. And I’m gonna break
this coffee table down, And take our beds move them downstairs. – [Ronald] Okay, we
should make a bigger farm. – No, we don’t need a
farm, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got lots of food, we
can survive for quite awhile. All right. – [Ronald] Okay, let’s start
building. You have-you have- um, you have torches in
your backpack, right? – Yeah, I do. – [Ronald] Okay, you can use those. – All right, I don’t have a space to put my backpack, it’s so dark! – [Ronald] ‘kay. – Ron, make space for
me, please. I did it. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. – Can you light it up for
me, please? Thank you. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. – Can I have a pick axe? – [Ronald] Okay, I’ll
give you this iron one, I’ll take the diamond one. – ‘Kay, thank you. – [Ronald] Then we can
mine up our new home. – All right. – [Ronald] Our new home. – we’re gonna live here
for quite a while, now. – [Ronald] Look up there! – What? – [Ronald] I hear thumping! (thumping) – That’s probably just like
a cow breeding or something. Let ’em’-let ’em do their thing, you know? – [Ronald] Okay. – It’s gonna be okay. All right. – [Ronald] I’m kinda scared. – Plus, if the ghost was here, he wouldn’t know how to get in. Ghost are pretty dumb, you know? – [Ronald] Yeah. – Okay, we can make a pretty high ceiling. I think this is as high as it’s gonna get. Aah! – [Ronald] Oh, sorry. – It’s okay. – [Ronald] Did that do lots of- – No, it’s fine. – [Ronald] Did that hurt? – No it’s fine, it’s fine. – [Ronald] Okay. – I’m good. Okay. Come on, we just need to
make the place bigger now. – [Ronald] Okay. – I’m building up this wall. – [Ronald] We-you only have
one torch, wow that’s amazing. – Yeah, it’s lighting up so much. And I don’t want to very many
torches down on the walls, because we’re gonna break them. I’ll just put them on the floor, you know? Plus, if the ghost was up there, he wouldn’t be able to get in. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m going to check. I see him! – Wait, get down, get down,
so he doesn’t see you! Get down, get down, get down! – [Ronald] I see him! I saw him like, in the air. Wait- – Get down, wait, get down. – [Ronald] Good thing he doesn’t know where our hiding spot is. – Okay. – [Ronald] Aww, you just
saved our lives, Karina! – For safety just in case, you know. – [Ronald] Wow. – I don’t think ghost
can break through that. – [Ronald] Well, maybe he can. – Oh look, there’s come
coal, we need coal! – Oh, there’s coal? Yeah, perfect for torches. – Yeah I don’t, um, I only have eleven. But I don’t wanna like,
mine to fall into a cave. – [Ronald] I hear thumping, Karina! I think he’s justtrying to get in! – Ronald, it’s fine! (Karina stammering) He’s not gonna get in, Ronald. Don’t worry! don’t worry about it. – [Ronald] I’m scared. – we’re just gonna live down here for maybe a couple of years, and it will be fine,
he will never find us. (Ronald screaming) – I see him! I see him! He’s coming (collective screaming) – [Ronald] Okay, oh. – Don’t! – Go! – No, don’t hurt us, Don’t hurt us! – Okay, Karina, come here. Um… – Don’t. – Let’s see if he’s newbie
enough, let’s block him up. (Ronald giggling) – I don’t think ghosts are smart. (laughing) – Okay, Ronald, we’re getting out of here! – [Ronald] Let’s go, let’s go! Okay let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Um, oh no I’m stuck, I’m
stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck! – Wait, Ronald, move! What?! Oh no, we need a ladder! Ronald! – [Ronald] Okay, I have-I have a ladder. Okay let me just mine- – Ronald, the ghost is near! (Ronald laughing) – Block him up, block
him up, block him up! – [Ronald] Um, okay. Okay Karina, we need to get out of here another way. Karina, another way, not that way! – No, yes this way. – [Ronald] Um, okay, fine. – Ronald, wait! Move, Ronald, you can
make your own dirt pole, I’m getting out this way. – [Ronald] Hey! Okay, um, I’m coming, Karina. Okay, um, I’m coming, Karina. All right, uh… – Ron, we gotta run, we
gotta make a run for it! – [Ronald] Okay, um… (Karina screaming) – Run! – [Ronald] He’s coming, he’s coming! – he’s up here! 9-1-1, 9-1-1, there’s a ghost after me! Okay, I think I’m safe right here. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m back at our hut. – Do you see the ghost? – [Ronald] No. – I’m hiding in the woods. – [Ronald] Oh I see him,
I see him! I’m sneaking. – I don’t think that he can see me. – [Ronald] Okay. – Where is the ghost? – Oh my God Ronald,
this island is haunted! Build a boat, build a boat. – [Ronald] Build a boat? – Build a boat. – [Ronald] Okay, okay, I got this. Okay, um, crafting table… Okay, um, crafting table… I’m running out of wood. I bought a tree. A boat? How many? – Um, two, we need two. – [Ronald] Okay, I have
exactly enough for two. Okay, I got two boats. – Okay, I need a boat. – [Ronald] Here’s one. – I don’t need a miner
cart, I need a boat. Okay Ronald, come on, we
need to find some ocean! Ron, come on. – Let’s go – All right, over here,
we can go this way. – [Ron] I think he-I think he
has something to kill us with. – I don’t know, I hope not! Okay Ronald, right here, near our haunted house, that we bought. – [Ronald] Why would
he be creeping around- – I see-I see him, Ronald! I see him there, we have
to make a run for it! – [Ronald] Wait-oh there he
is, there he is, there he is! – Okay, okay, okay! (Ronald screaming) – [Ronald] Go, go, go! – Bye-bye, ghost, we’ll see you next time! We don’t like you! – [Ronald] No, we don’t like you, ghost! – You’re mean! – [Ronald] Aah, oh my god! – [Ronald] ‘Kay, Karina,
let me get in your boat. – Okay. – [Ronald] ‘Kay, let’s go. – Bye-bye, boat! – I don’t-I don’t know
if he’s gonna find us. – [Ronald] I don’t know,
but he can fly, right? – Yeah, ghosts can fly, he
was flying out our window! – [Ronald] Yeah well if,
isn’t-why won’t he fly after us? Okay, I’m not gonna ask why. – Is he? – [Ronald] Is he what? – He saw us just leaving or something. Okay we can hide in the
mountains, mountains are good. He’s not gonna find us there. – [Ronald] Wait. No, I see it, he’s not coming. – I don’t think he’s coming. – [Ronald] Yeah I see it, at
full zoom, he’s not coming. – Okay, Ronald. – Okay. – All right, we need to climb
these mountains, come on. I’ve never been climbing mountains, – [Ronald] Let’s hike! – In years actually. – [Ronald] Oh my God, okay. – There’s some sheep. We can live off some sheep, chickens, cow. – [Ronald] Okay, let’s go kill them. – All right, don’t kill too many. All right, let’s just kill all
these um, some chickens here. – [Ronald] Okay. – For food. – [Ronald] Okay, we need this cow too. – Okay, get a cow, for protein. – [Ronald] I’ll bore new chickens. – Oh, you got it first time! – [Ronald] Okay. – I need to get this
cow, so we get some meat. Not just chicken, we need
meat, um, cow meat too. I hope he’s not coming. – [Ronald] Cow meat is really filly. – Filly? – [Ronald] Yeah. – I like how you used to word, “filly”. I don’t think that the ghost is coming. – [Ronald] Uh… – I think we’re safe. – [Ronald] We are? No way, you’re lying. – No, no, no,I don’t see anything coming, but we just like went right in
front of him so I’m not sure. Ron, let’s go all the way
on top of this mountain, so we can see him coming, if he is coming. – [Ronald] Okay, I’ll go
look through my telescope. – Telescope? You have a telescope? – [Ronald] Yeah. – Why didn’t you ever tell me? – [Ronald] I don’t know,
I never had the time to. – All right. – [Ronald] I’m really bad at hiking, so sorry if I’m far behind. Eh. – There’s some eggs here, I
need to collect those eggs, so we can make fried
eggs. If I get a fire. Okay, we can make a little hut right here. – [Ronald] Um… But Ron, don’t make it too noticeable, we have to make it inside the ground. – [Ronald] No, I got my
telescope, this is my telescope. – Oh, okay. – [Ronald] Um, okay. Okay… Um… – All right, I’m gonna
make a little dent here, for like, our living space. We don’t want it to be too noticeable, so that he could find it, but we need like, our own
little environment here. – [Ronald] Um, I don’t think he’s coming. – Really? Are we safe? – [Ronald] I think so, I don’t see him. – [Ronald] Um… – I made two furnaces. – [Ronald] Okay. – All right, got our beds. – [Ronald] ‘Kay, you got our beds? – Yep, I got our beds. – [Ronald] I have lots of food,
I have sixty-four carrots. – we’re not gonna be
able to sleep together, because I can’t combine the beds together. I don’t have enough room. – Um, I think we’re actually
gonna be safe up here. – [Ronald] I guess. ‘Kay, let me build high,
and then see if he’s coming. – He can’t be coming
from the clouds, can he? – [Ronald] Nah, maybe we just- maybe we’re just blind,
and we can’t see him. – Maybe, I hope not. Okay, I’m gonna start
cooking some of our meat. – [Ronald] You know what? Maybe he’s just a newb. Maybe he has a job to be a ghost, and he’s just hired for that job. – That would be quite stupid. – [Ronald] He just got hired. – Yeah, just to scare
us, hide and scare us. – [Ronald] And he gets a million dollars. – But I doubt it, ’cause
he was able to fly. Did you see that? – [Ronald] No, I don’t think he was. – No. – [Ronald] He was? – Yeah! – [Ronald] Oh, now I remember, okay. – Ronald, if you’re hungry,
there’s some cooked chicken. – [Ronald] I got lots of- – I haven’t eaten in quite a long time. Wait, Ronald, I need some chicken! – [Ronald] Chicken? Okay, there you go. have all of it. – Mmm, I’m gonna eat some chicken. All right. He’s not coming still, I’m worried. Is he making his game plan or something? Is he coming to like, eat us? – [Ronald] Maybe (Karina laughing) – That’d be kinda funny. But no, that’s actually quite terrifying. – [Ronald] Yeah. – He’s gonna eat us,
and we start laughing, and that’s not actually
very funny, at all. – [Ronald] okay, can I get some chicken? Or some steak? I got some steak here. – All right, I got six
chicken, I don’t need anymore. I’m good for quite a while. I’m gonna put all my chicken in here. – [Ronald] I got two chicken, too. – I’m gonna put everything
here, including my backpack. I need my pick ax, and
I’ll put my phone in here, because I don’t need it. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m
gonna get my own chest. Wait, where’s my bed? Oh, there’s my bed. This is gonna be my bed. – Okay. – [Ronald] I’m gonna throw… I got a music disc from there, just one. – Oh, okay. – I have one too, I put it in my chest. – [Ronald] Did you get cat? – Yeah, I got cat. – [Ronald] Good. – I had it when we were sleeping. – [Ronald] I need another chest. – All right, I’m just gonna just… – I’m gonna spend our
wood on another chest. – Okay, I don’t think
there’s very many trees in our environment here, so… Um that’s a little bit of a problem, we have to use our wood wisely. – [Ronald] Yeah, ‘kay that’s
exactly what I did not do. (giggling – [Ronald] Um, okay, so I
guess this is pretty good. ‘Kay, all we have to do is just like… – Wait. – [Ronald] Get resources. – Yeah, wait ’till
something happens, you know? – [Ronald] Like, we have like,
really bad like, protection. – Yeah. – [Ronald] I would rather get
some like, soldier’s armor. – Yeah, but I’m building
a mine right here, I think it goes pretty deep. – [Ronald] Okay, um… – Yeah, it’s actually not too deep, but I guess this is a decent amount. We can find some iron, maybe. – [Ronald] Okay, let me mine, ’cause I’ve got the diamond pick. – Yeah mine’s about to die. – [Ronald] “kay, you
got the torches, right? – Um, yeah. Wait, Ronald, wait for
me, you’re so quick! – [Ronald] This pick is really quick. Oh wait, ooh, I found some water! – Ooh, what’s this? – I know some coal. Wait Ronald, get out-get
out of the water. Ronald? – [Ronald] Wait, we mined to the lake. – Aw, that sucks. Okay, let’s get back in. – [Ronald] that sucks. Okay what are we… – Okay. Wait, Ronald, I’m gonna block-no! Okay, we can continue our little
expedition here, this way. – [Ronald] Okay so we
go down, and we go down. It’s gonna be an easy way
to get some stone too. – Yeah. But I don’t really see
why we would need stone, unless we were building some
kind of like, big house, but we don’t want our… – [Ronald] Maybe for
some-maybe for some good tools. – Yeah. Yeah, but we don’t want our
space to be nice, though. – Aah! I found a cave! Oh I see a spider, Karina! He looks really creepy! – I hate spiders! I don’t even have a weapon, I left my axe. – [Ronald] Okay, I got my ax. – I have no torches! – [Ronald] You have no torches? – Uh-oh, oh no, Ronald um… – [Ronald] Um… – [Ronald] okay don’t worry we got stone. – No, I’m gonna build a
staircase, I wanna build it. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. – There we go. – [Ronald] I’m gonna go
hunting in this mine. – [Ronald] I can see. – Okay, but, you can’t even see! Yeah I can. It’s kinda light to be real, ’cause it’s not that
far deep in the ground, so I can-I can see. – Oh, okay. I’m gonna go back to the
surface to see if he’s coming, and to grab some more coal,
and maybe mine a tree. – [Ronald] Aah! There’s
the creeper, Karina! – A creeper? Oh be careful, I hate creepers. All right. – [Ronald] Okay, I killed him. – Wow, you have quite a bit of things. – [Ronald] Okay. Oh, Oh! – [Ronald] Okay. Oh, oh! Okay. – Wow! – [Ronald] I’m back. – You did a good job at teleporting. – Ron, do you have any wood? – [Ronald] I’m really
hungry, that’s my thing. – Okay I stole some wood from your chest. Oops, I made a button. – [Ronald] Aww, Don’t make
a button with my wood. Oh that was scary down there. Okay but I got-I think I
got some stone, and uh, I can probably craft some tools, but you took all my wood. – Sorry. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. – There’s a forest over there. – [Ronald] I’m gonna go over. – I’m still worried! (Karina stuttering) is he making a game plan? – [Ronald] I’m kinda chilly, you know? We don’t have that much. I think it’s too cold for a coat, ’cause we’ve just got sweaters. – Yeah, but it’s the best we can get. Maybe, um, there’s some
um, sheep around here, maybe we can knit
ourselves some nice warm, like a second sweater. – [Ronald] Yeah but we needs sheers, and we don’t have enough
really, resources. – Yeah we don’t have any um.. – [Ronald] And I’m
really chilly, you know? I’m getting-Ooh, I see a llama! – Down here in the mines are quite cold. – [Ronald] I see a llama, I see two. – Oh, nice. – Don’t kill them, don’t kill them. – [Ronald] I’m not. – They’re gonna spit at you,
and it’s gonna be disgusting. – [Ronald] Yeah, then
I’m gonna die from spit. I don’t know if he’s coming, he might be. Maybe he’s just like, planning
what’s gonna happen here. I see perfectly generated staircases. Okay… – Oh, I got enough for sheers! I got enough iron for sheers. – [Ronald] oh. They’re up here? Oh, you got enough iron? Oh how much iron do you have? – Two. – [Ronald] Two, okay. We
have to use that on sheers. – Maybe something else more
important like a sweater. – [Ronald] No there’s not-no, ’cause I think that
sheers are more important, so we don’t die from… – Hypothermia? – [Ronald] Yeah. I don’t even know what that means. – It means that you die
from cold, basically. – [Ronald] Or hot? – No. – [Ronald] okay. – I don’t think-well you can die from hot, but I don’t know the word. Hotness. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m just gonna
munch on these carrots here. – Super dark down here. – [Ronald] Okay. – And my pick axe is about
to break-about to break. – [Ronald] It is? Aww. ‘Kay. – Ron, I need a new-Creeper! Creeper, Ron! Oh, I hate creepers. – [Ronald] ‘kay, um, I’m coming down. I have no weapon. – Me neither, I’ll fight with my pickaxe. (Karina giggling) – [Ronald] ‘Kay, just run then, ’cause I have literally
have nothing but wood. (Karina giggling) Just nothing but 40 oak plants-planks. Did you kill him? – No, I ran away. – [Ronald] Oh, where’s the creeper? – I don’t know. Follow the-Follow the torch
trail I made down here. Follow the-follow the torch
trail I made, down here. Um, I saw him here-Right here, Ronald! – [Ronald] Hey, that was
the creeper I was fighting. – Aah! My pick broke. – [Ronald] Oh, hey there’s your torch. – A skeleton! – [Ronald] Oh my God. – We don’t have a weapon! – [Ronald] Should I fight it with my fist? – No. Okay let’s go back to the surface. – [Ronald] Okay. I’m not that strong, I need to work out. – I think we should get some sleep, too. – [Ronald] I’m not that
strong, I gotta work out. Oh you got-oh, did your pick break? – Yeah my pick broke. – [Ronald] Oh that’s cold – Did your break-yours break? – [Ronald] No, it’s just
I don’t have it on me. – Oh. I think that we should get some sleep. I think it’s really
dark out, I’m not sure. We’ve been awake for quite a while. – [Ronald] No, it’s actually um, bright. – Are you sure? – [Ronald] Yeah, it’s morning. But that dude-the guy, you know? the guy. You know, remember that ghost? – Oh yeah, that ghost? – [Ronald] Should I go check on him? – Check on who? – [Ronald] the ghost. – But where? How? – [Ronald] Karina, I’m
gonna take the risk. – Why? Huh? what? What are you doing? – [Ronald] To go over there. – Why? – [Ronald] I don’t know. – Don’t go. – [Ronald] I’m gonna do it. – Don’t – [Ronald] Yes. – Don’t. – [Ronald] Yes. – Don’t. Ron, maybe we should
just like, get a little nap. It’s getting-it’s starting to, like… – [Ronald] Karina, I’m gonna come back with lots of resources, okay? – No Ronald, not now, we
have to go to sleep soon. You have-you need to rest. Just lie in bed for a little bit. – [Ronald] Okay, fine. I really want to go see- get him, sneak up on him, stalk him. – Okay, I’m not gonna wear my boots in. – [Ronald] Are you gonna come with me? – Yeah I will, I think. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m gonna
sleep in my bed, not your bed. – All right, I put my boots away, ’cause I don’t want to
sleep with my boots. – [Ronald] How about I’m
gonna sleep in my bed, not your bed, that’s
probably a better idea. – Yeah. (Karina giggling) (snoring)

3 AM GHOST Takes Over our HOUSE!
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