♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m William Wingson from Caron
Business Solutions, and today I would like to talk about the five steps to
a successful software implementation. The first step is planning. During this
step, what we like to do is to set milestones and to set the tone for
the implementation process. We would like to address questions
that you would have. For example, “When will we go live?” This would, in
turn, create an implementation plan, a plan that would be used as a guide
throughout the implementation process. We would like to know whether we have
enough resources to meet those goals and milestones. For example, do
we have enough personnel? The second step is preliminary training.
During this step, we will provide the client with training on the software
as it is, as it comes out of the box. There’ll be the concentration or the focus
of the training will be on set up and configuration of the software. For
example, if we had to post something to a lock period, how do we want the software
to react? We would also provide you with the skills necessary to make
decisions during the next step, which is the design workshop. As I just mentioned, the third step is the
design workshop. During this step, what we like to do is we want to ensure
that the software is set up so that it works for you. We want to use all the
knowledge that we learned previously about the configuration to set
up the system so that you are happy with it. It works
for your business. The fourth step is prototype testing and
training. What we would like to do at this step is to ensure that what we set up
during the design workshop actually delivers what it says it’s going to do.
So, we want to test all aspects of the software. We want to make sure that people
are comfortable with the way that it is working. If there is any user that hasn’t
been trained before, or was not part of the implementation process,
we would like to make sure that they are trained also on
how to use the software. The fifth step is the go-live step. This
step becomes a non-issue if we had worked very hard and diligently during the
first four steps. So, the first four steps prepare us very well for this step.
So, usually, it would go very smoothly. What we like to do, however, is to ensure
that there is integral support for you. If you agree with these steps
and would like to contact us, please visit our website
at caronbusiness.com.

5 Steps to Ensure a Seamless Software Implementation
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