Now, it’s the real game? Yes, it’s the real game from now (acting silly) Wow, it really makes me nervous (A.C.E’s animal farm
game starts) I’m ground, let us introduce ourselves Gorilla Meerkat Crocodile Monkey Lion (who would become
the first ship crew?) Gorilla (huh?) Ah, wait a sec (these guys are cheering themselves) Wait a sec I couldn’t catch the timing for it (if it’s not me, it’s still good) We’ve let one go with this one We’re survived
We’re survived No, wait a sec Bro, you shouldn’t have said anything How could this game be
such a tense one Why am I not feeling good
even if others are caught? I know, we don’t feel good Because of that pressure
there is one more remaining Wow, my heart.. (I get on the mackerel ship) (Wow, the mackerel ship) (let’s take it, let’s take it) (I’ll take it) (mackerel-catching ship crews
selection game) (they should only listen to
the first 1 second of the song) (and get the name of the singer
and song, to succeed) Ah Ah, Chan is good at doing this one, right It’s such an advantageous game for Chan (so confident) We say both the singer
and the title as well? I should play as well? – No
– Okay (lol) I’ll be practicing it (Wow is practicing the mackerel-catching) Everyone, listen carefully Ah, I’m so nervous (here is the question) (he got it) Seventeen’s VERY NICE He’s really good at these things This one was a practice game (what did you say?) You should say your name
and guess the answer I was being too excited..

[A.C.E PROJECT] (ENG SUB) 와우야!!ㅠㅠ 응~ 나만 아니면 돼~^^ l EP.03
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