we are delighted this evening to present
you a designer’s innovative approach to branding storytelling and experience
design with jim Doyle and jim has taken the road less traveled and has developed
an amazing career in branding and storytelling and has lots to share with
us he’s the co-founder and chief creative officer of moving brands a
global company that has offices in San Francisco New York Zurich and London and
he has worked on such amazing brands such as Netflix Nokia Sony Stella
McCartney among others and he has a real wonderful agency and a lot of work to
show you this evening so without further ado please welcome jim boyle thank you
thank you very much as always great to be invited here to speak to you now
moving brands or is it all new T you know you can’t say that you well
thats first I just like to know how much people know the more of this that’s a
conversation I think the better I’ve got tons of work I can show you and I can
talk the hind legs off the camera so I can just talk and talk and talk I should
apologize for the accent I’ve got British accent I’m from originally but I
do live in San Francisco again I question when I say any question people
like do you live here you live in New York where do you live here in San
Francisco and about I just this is me my bad little bit shorter at the moment and
was within this file free some places don’t like people on the devices I think
it’s a good thing if you wanna talk about this or Instagram about this I
kind of made this this is you guys this is making me feel brand he has like Jim
speaks that’s what I use when I got two different conferences and speak at
different things you can just use that and say whatever you like to think I’m
talking rubbish say so i think im saying some good stuff say so as well I thought it might be interesting to
have had a long career I thought it might be interesting the start way back
I’m originally from this little place called the Isle of Wight in the UK and
if you know that we’re really proud of the fact that we have this post called
it’s a very tiny island right off the south coast of England its shape of a
diamond and this always used to make me laugh as a kid I think this is the
beginnings of liking graphics to be honest cuz I used to think that this was
the most wonderful thing ever but they we’ve gotten names they’re like like so
someone somewhere along time someone I think the Victorians quite funny to say like that you can
stand on all new people cannot vote to override where you work anyway this is
hilarious on the Isle of Wight there’s not very many people believe that it’s
quite costo vary quite a surfing and stuff there as well but it’s very very
sort of small place really famous for the Isle of Wight Festival which is
where Jimi Hendrix and lets people played way back when it was kinda like
the British woodstock this one was back in nineteen seventy but I think there
are few before that and the other thing is famous for his I think of Cowes Week
which is kinda like the around the world but rights and all that kind of stuff
but it’s basically a big yachting regatta happens every year I just wanted
to give you some context where I’m from come from a really small place I’ve
ended up to the traveling a lot and living in a few countries and I think
it’s always nice sort of gays back and see what you’ve come from anyway when I
hit about seventeen i got really bored of living on the Ottawa it was a
brilliant place to grow up as a kid but a terrible place to be a teenager taking
a teenager that’s doesn’t get interested in girls drinking cars and you know
creativity and I was looking around me for like other great people do I do this
stuff we have and I decided I was gonna leave that so I went and studied a place
cool beans which is a pretty good College in London I don’t know how much
you know people like Gilbert and George studied there R Alexander McQueen fashion designer
lots and lots of different people started at this place so I kind of went
there had a brilliant time three years degree course splashing paint around
picking up cameras we were making films we would get advertising we were doing
hand-printed type we were doing all kinds of things photography was all
kinds of sort of parts of this is a really big course I think at one point
had almost 400 people on the course and I remember we start the computer room
that’s probably the size of the this middle bank tables and there was twelve
computers in their max least that the whole course you can always had our own
one cuz you know about that I did have a mobile phone into a graduate three years
later but is really great cause it to us to thinking offbeat to not be relying on
the to be reliant on creative thinking and how you can tell stories in the most
effective way and that was really good grounding because we weren’t we weren’t
actually trained in the tools of graphic mark making we were trained in the
thinking behind how you come over concept in an idea about what my making
it says it’s fundamentally different i think is quite different to the way
designers tour more and more often now it’s got more and more popular I was
having a talk with some people who recently graduated and I was saying that
when we were studying graphic design graphic design course we’re actually
being taught and told that we were getting talked things that the rest of
the world didn’t quite understand and I think that was true back then it was
such a long time ago that it wasn’t a popular thing to do wasn’t that popular
I think study and now it’s a really popular things to do and it’s a really
popular study but I think as that’s evolved more it’s become more and more
and more and more about the tools to make you effective at designing as
opposed to breeding you to be a creative thinker to come up with ideas and to
solve problems through creativity anyway had a brilliant kind of baptism in
design and when we graduated I we basically learn that we they told us that we were in control of
our own destiny so when we graduated a few weeks later
we basically five friends there’s any foreign this picture because it can find
one of our favorites in this is back in 1998 and we just set up our own business straight out we don’t go work in a
warehouse thing I did it work experience a few places and kind of like got the
feel of the Playland but straight out of college basis set pieces up a business
in London and the only reason since we had was enough money for one months rent
because back then having to space with an important thing is not really that
important about having a physical space was really important we had two laptops
which we had bank lines to get them we had one text of the report of one of the
guys go friends he was kind enough to the bar and we had we gave ourselves for
weeks to make enough money to pay next month’s rent for some people often ask
me when is the right time to stop business when you know that you’re ready
when do you know that you’re prepared to do so I don’t know the answer to that i
think is just like you have to feel for yourself and get that right but having
four weeks to earn enough money to pay next month’s rent was pretty motivating
to say the least there was no way that we could you know that we we basically
gave ourselves a task and we had to get that done fortunately we achieve that we
have achieved that there will be no moving brands that we kind of water that
each other with money between us I’m gonna get job here I’m go get a job here
that would have been there but fortunately we did win a few jobs I
rolling in and that’s how it started was basically the act of doing and I
talked about that a lot of people on a firm believer in the active doing I
talked about concepts and thinking actually when it comes to business it’s
the actually actually just doing something and even if you don’t know
quite what you’re heading for the active during will make things happen the
active not doing definitely doesn’t make things happen it just you know nothing
kind of happened but now in 2015 100 friends and this is why we talk about
ourselves you know where the founders I started the business hundred people moving brands that we
consider friends and we purposely keep moving brands I saw is across the street
is that we got that weed more or less know every 100 it’s quite difficult to
know 1992 enables 2001 and the whole businesses sharing work across all of
our studios and working jointly on lots and lots of different types of work
based in San Francisco Syriac London and more recently in New York the last sort
of 12 or 16 months or so before I live in San Francisco in my new role very
often in New York as well I came to San Francisco for years ago my task was to
build a team that was probably five people up to something like 25 and we’ve
kind of done that now I think we’re about 27 28 people here in San Francisco
New York’s kind of in the same position I think we’ve got six people was seven
people in New York right now it’s in a shared workspace we’ve just negotiate
our own shit is based on its side of Broadway and you know I’m using my time
to go over there build that out because coming from
London to another country building enough CDA without really knowing anyone
how things work here in this country but kind of believing that I could do it
anyway taught me a lot so now if I can help to
New York and do that i mean Francisco further plans to grow and hope to other
places in the USA is it such a rife boy and market at some of the other places
where are in any way things we do just planning comes that’s probably what you
know ask for is pretty an identity design bringing communications design
basis the graphic design and branding and you know making of communications
for businesses but we will see two experiences on which is more product and
so that stuff like website with tons of the biggest websites in the world but
moving brands has always been a bit quiet about that not really cool to us outside agency
although I see if we pulled out a separate business and made it something
to be one of the big data digital agencies just pulled out and then
anything cool basis I’m where contracts to come into us and saying we need a new
product that’s gonna aim at this age demographic for this certain type of
person can you were to actually create what these new products are how how they
might go to market and then we must create the brand and then when it comes
to this is a much earlier stage we’re actually kind of bringing the products
like to start with and we’ve done that kind of work for a whole bunch of people
you heard about some of the people that we have before but there’s the kind of
really big tech companies particularly those working in making products you
know something about our offer that resonates well there’s been a fashion in
here that finance that’s very big companies and then it’s very small
companies such as a whole bunch of start-up businesses from here in the Bay
Area done quite a few days now and then other ones in the UK like the BBC
Netflix is why not release posted by kind of talk about it a little bit now
and Arcadia which is another fashion one so it’s kind of like there’s a lot of
tech in that but it’s very broad and pharmacy in some fashion in there is all
kinds of people so we’re quite good work with a client who wants to change and
we’re really good at helping them actually achieve that that change that
moment where they need to communicate and we talked about what we do is story
systems and people miss my last boys like but I think but any project I think
can be broken down into these things and actually I think this is a way of
thinking about creativity in some respects it this is written in a way
that’s very sort of brand of rock lines I think you think about this is a way of
thinking about what you’re trying to do for any creative task first thing is
what’s the story at the heart of what you’re doing that in the case of what we
do stories that drive businesses products and services so what is it that
were doing well I sometimes clients what is it that you’re doing what’s unique
about what you’re doing and why should anyone give a shit and that that’s
really important because anyone can say they’ve got the best people we’ve got
the best ecology we’ve got the best services were
faster bigger brighter showing whatever it is that’s not a real difference a
real differences why why does it taste what is the reason why this place is
different that’s a credible real unique difference you can identify that you’re
a real good winner this is the same if your tryna make a painting or trying to
design a piece of furniture whatever is what’s the truth at the heart of what
you’re trying to do that’s going to be the thing that’s the story when she got
the story basically what other systems that can make that happen all ok systems
are designed for brand so that’s the identity systems I for us once you got
the stories like the logo the color palette the icons the photography is
moving image work as advertised in work how does it all fit together one of the
unique objects and graphic elements that you use and combined together to bring
these things to life and then finally and this is a bit like what’s the point
of all that but it’s all about people and experiences that engage those people
so if you can as an agency sort of debate over all of this year in a really
good place because of colonizing come to you get concept goes get a story create something we’ve got real purpose
in the world then they know they can come to you and get really great
branding design communications there in service of that story and then those
systems are in place to enable grace period just happened so they also know
that when they make a website when they make a film when they do advertising
it’s all gonna come to life in a cohesive and interesting way just to
give you some light local bits of work that you might see the street a lot this
thing called flywheel is one of things we did actually about every year and hot
guy maybe even longer two years ago but the grad gradually got more and more
popular than I see them everywhere sigh this is my driving back from Silicon
Valley other day I didn’t take this while I was driving I promise and you
see these everywhere now sort of joke that if I see a fly will call that means
I’m getting near san Francisco has so many of them
with you guys CDs on the street so this is a brand that we developed all about
the brand identity what it meant how do you bring that July 2012 say another one
that’s around a lot is this thing called if only if only is an experienced its
kinda like it’s a place where you can buy and find unique experiences that you
can’t find anywhere else so you can do things I really expensive out here like
around the Gulf of Tiger Woods but you can also buy things like Twitter bad you
can send to someone for a dollar on their birthday that’s from some famous
pop star Justin Bieber or something so there’s kind of price range for a while
but these are all unique experiences very very unique brands and on the drive
in from all over the Bay Bridge at the moment this billboard there and it’s
only me stuff as well so some of these things very localized wanna show you the
context of some of the local startup brands I don’t show you some houses the
fun stuff so this is a project that we completed I don’t know maybe half year
ago maybe a little bit longer for a brand called even steven is how do you
describe what the one of the largest our communities
online at any one time its website is ranked in the top 20 of hits lots of
images that you get served up in Google knows all things actually images of the
day even as well but it’s a huge huge huge based community where people can
upload their work get critique from other people also get
commissions they can print things out they can do all kinds of stuff but the
problem they had was a decade or so guide device this guy and what they were
finding was when they were going into conversations with very big brands that
might want to do sponsorship on that because their base unit 8 demographic of
like 15 25 and there’s millions and millions of people on this day actually
they’ve got a graffiti artist on their website who’s the most viewed artists in
the world at any moment because his are is really really popular is getting lots
and lots of use all the time says more view the DaVinci in a day because he’s
on this TV in our community and they need a refresher brand cause wasn’t
communicating in the right way they were fine and they were not able to look
credible enough to handle the numbers they had all the stats ahead of stuff
but they didn’t really look credible enough to sponsors and also they were
fine in that the community didn’t have a lot of our way to represent itself that
they could be really really proud over there was gonna make them or see them
well for the future so we went on this journey to change and from this family
which looks like a sort of various nineties skate brand to this thing on
the right which is cool with this I get a much cooler much more Design Center
much more eccentric interesting rally cry for an arts community donating in
shades of film it takes for the whole process you’re a few films are gonna
shake my head like this one because it takes you from first meetings the
problem what we then four dead and then how that came to life and I should say
that this project was unique in the fact that we were creating the
brand at the same time that we’re creating mobile app even spent a decade
just on Dec stopped and said they were working with us to work out what’s the
best way to change it desktop experience in a community that people love into
experience in the mobile app and the brand all at the same time project that I’m story and then
experiences for people so this story redefined that even with a side of idea
of bleeding breed you cut them open they just bleed so they think about
twenty-four 24 7 you know people that work there also the community a really
really devoted communities and that’s all that they’re thinking about that so
that they’re about well but is a massive community for us it’s all about helping
each other out critiquing work growing as an autistic
person yourself and growing in a community remembered even on the website you know
people on that developed as artists and become professional artists and never
been trying to the OPs just had a talent they might be in from a place or not
haven’t had a support system around them which really helped them nurture that as
a talent but this online community allow that happened that ideal breeding and
the education of all and how they can make more people in the world aware of
themselves and aware of this community in a way of myself as well so this might
sound like really that’s the story these forwards what is actually a longer
version of this is behind it which talks about what police radar is about why
it’s relevant TV what it means for the community what it means for 10 responses
what it means for up-and-coming artists what it means to press and PR as a whole
bunch of guys on this but as a captivating statement at the CIA CMI all
these people in the organization directors and head of marketing can try
to keep in their back pocket if anybody awesome what it is does know what it is what it does bleeds
and breeds off thats its function in the world that’s what is that for and then once you got that story it’s
all about the systems that the identity but I faced the colors the icon and how
that will come together and how you can bring that together to make real sense
and then once you’ve done that your go-to compelling kind of experiences really really relevant
people like I said before and the brand was all done hand in hand at the same
time it was actually pretty interesting because you know we we tweak things in
the app income of colors and make color differentiation and make them smaller
makes things bigger and then that would repurposed back into the branding work likewise a brand new world coming up
with ideas like different types of angles across things and how that might
work in and that was feeding back into the digital watching another project for
the BBC and they said project BBC News be used to it like this believe it or not channel online usual
from the BBC one of most credible new things in the world and this is this is
for you like you know twelve-year old way
through 22 23 24 25 year olds it didn’t look like that was what it was very very
conservative very normal very very BBC you could say so how do you bring the
world to BBC in the world youth coaches together and make some incredible and
this was the job that we had to revamp the way that this works and what happens
to the brand of how does that come to my show you that journey you get the idea
I’m sure you know film takes you from the beginning all the way through and it
shows the different aspects of what we’ve done but it’s quite considerable
change that we different why that matters how you bring
that together
as well how to stop move so that kind of experience that is
unique and that gave us these really lovely kind of moment and then how
communications both even are and actually last night in the UK picked up
a few awards BBC picked up a winner award and I kind of commended and things
were for Computer Arts
brand impact towards that and then maybe some of you
have you can it’s quite nice piece of work but it was set to us by Fast
Company they came to us and said hey you’re moving brands hillary clinton’s
just had this new identities happened when she launched the identity of the
arrow love it some people hate you know a lot of debate online but I said hey
you know if we if we gave you a short amount of time I think we have five days
off we gave you five days do you think you could better or what would you come
up with that too is a brief we foolishly yes will do that and these results but I
think it’s really interesting project and quite interesting to work this way
when your name is relying on your own creativity to kind of see very busy we
think it is the film kind of tells the whole story so I just let it play but
making rounds doing what it does in five days to create an identity for hillary
clinton as a reaction to the one that was out there happening in London people to get that
happen in such a short amount of time all these other projects that I could
talk to you about that I have really got time very big companies maybe wanna hear
more about Netflix talk about it very much but that’s something I can show you
the press actually this launch that worried in the communications business
called a calm and we’ve recently rebranded them I don’t actually happened
in London basically launched yesterday there was
huge kind of launch party and all that kind of stuff and it’s being sort of
things but I thought I’d like and then we’ve we’ve done this to end you get it
as a film is a film about this new thing we’ve changed questions questions have you ever been
interesting areas we’ve done a better you know lots of charity work and
different stuff like that organizations NGO type organizations we’ve recently
done a lot of work with an organization called the basic control internet public yes that’s not government my
thinking the early days of the Internet would pass out by government to
basically designate suffixes the.com and.net everything I mean that’s not
government as such but it’s it’s it’s kind of a maybe the lighter end of world
is that what you workin hello I just wanted to say I noticed no West you add
that there is a primary focus on type they there wasn’t so much of a typeface
focus it was primarily on color and shape the repetitiveness and some kind
of loop that was in the last video that you showed was that planned or was that
kind of something that has worked out like that well it’s it’s different every time you
know depending on the brand pending on the sector depending on the type of
business area that someone you want two very different look and feel you know
kind of high-end restaurant compared to a record label compared to government
organization compared to telecom it’s all very very different things we always
look for in contrast but actually I found over the last few years when we’ve
been more comfortable with there being more and more in it so we’re finding
that we do like common-law garnet and expressive identity system around it graphic devices devices or the other way
around that stuff would be really combat Lego be really life has been a couple of
projects recently been one there’s another one you should check out our web
site called housing where we seem to have just turned all the volumes up on
everything that’s really colorful really vibrant it’s moving all over the place
that logo itself is really alive there’s a vibrancy everything it might be just
the sector and the type of business dot com really wanted to feel nothing like
it had done previously it was a very sort of conservative looking telecom
business and wanted to look much more people are much more friendly much more
alive much more useful because that’s where they thought they needed to be
housing with in the indian mumbai market and so there’s a great vibrancy that
very colorful there’s a real fight for space in advertising those things that
came to life and it really colorful way to say we work with an architectural
firm or so an art museum or something you probably
have a very very different approach but the repetitiveness you talk about the
case that I feel like that feels more repetitive because every single thing is
sort of showcasing what it’s all about but actually the system that’s where the
system really kicks in like when I went down you when you try face when don’t
you have any weights which color combinations in which you notice that
idea really supported the imagery as well to what the hell are yet I noticed
that it was kind of color depend in primary colors like blue greens reds
those were like primary colors in the ad in and they ran all the way through the
ad and I think that’s what kind of brought it through the whole thing
together opposed to just using a Hillary logo it’s read all the time other brands they don’t necessarily have
to do the same thing or they work in a completely different way to get very
colorful brands where they don’t really have an honorable color as such they
just have a color palette that they can use and called upon at different times
just very different Netflix very red brand for example so yeah just depends
but it’s not true that you know what’s right for one brand is necessary for
another fight the worst thing you can do those cookie cutter the same approaches
time and just key role in that out it’s got to be different is gonna be
considered and the main thing is always link it back to that story links back to
the story and what it’s all about and the directions on that basis is heading
in and you’re bringing that to life and that’s probably the main thing personal evolution as a designer how did
you get to where you are now two stages I got before I started the basis which
is basically an education and then almost as soon as I graduate we just
started the business now I didn’t know what I was doing then you know a lot of
both just you know we’re very confident cocky arrogant maybe but we honestly
believe that we knew we honestly believe that we were actually never really
believed that we were talented is that doesn’t feel right but we def initself
belief that we can make something happen and I was 17 maybe 18 years now track 1998 myself but you know in that
time there’s been a lot of moments where we’ve developed his business people at
the same time we’ve been developing its designers so you know going from a small
team of five people you’re just all in the mix of ideas over comment on the
business over the comment you should spend what you shouldn’t but as the
business grows you start fragmenting a little bit more fragmented but you start
saying well you’re better at making businesses use your about it as I know
you’re better than that and everyone starts taking different roles as one of
the things I’ve been proud of in the business is our ability I think one of
the reasons we’ve kept growing up is that the founders never limited the
business by our own talents and a lot of people that I know I don’t know why they
do such a stupid thing today but because they started the basis of because
they’re the creative director no one can be more senior then you know they they they have to get lost in the work
they’re also trying to run the business they you know that they’re trying to do
too many things and it’s much better say well I’m getting this but you’re good at
that they really are three years all the families were getting at all different
roles more senior unless each other and we’re all paying ourselves differently
based on those roles as well armed the business so we separated this idea of
ownership from our role in the business I have a row and I’m also a founder I
don’t have my role because you know i mean i think thats percolate down so you
know runs the bases now it’s not me and it’s
not found that it was a guided joined the business eleven years ago as a
designer level person and worked his way up and then when we needed someone else
to take the realms keep the thing real really pushing forward to the next day
she was shy and lots of desire design a community but I real veracity and
business and what a real interest in expanding our offer and making us more
relevant and continuing to grow the business that he was the best person to
give the the rain stays so on on the founder by report into him on a weekly
basis he’s my boss about that I’m an owner like me if I wanted but if you do
that you break your own business you break the system if you undermine anyone
at any point you know if you give someone responsibility and then take it
away from them as soon as they make a decision you’re not gonna get anywhere I
think that’s one of things that we learned early on so I don’t know about
design I mean I’ve never really call myself a designer I think I’m a person
who started to cry if business and because of that I think everyone else in
my business things I’m really creative I’ve never really quite see myself as a
designer it’s always been about the fight to get a business that works and
have great creative ideas and be in the mix of all that just make it happen so
now I’m just concerned with a hundred people making their career is really
good for us is a business that can be quite tough you know when I by anyone
else but not financed by anyone else we’ve resisted selling investment from
anyone else so it’s a wholly owned independent business and so that’s all
so hard because every time to pound whatever comes into the business you
know that’s dollar that we have to side with regard to its getting a new person
is it promotions people what is that harder in an independent business but
it’s also a good thing is it gives us the ability to take the places where we
want to take it for our people and for ourselves so we’re not always kind of
worried well this other entity above us is gonna tell us to do which is what
happens when you sell your business bigger businesses they just take control
and you lose control of the thing I have rebranded a certain company or brand
twice like more than one which was a cute product the cameras now but at the
time it was like an sdcard it was wi-fi enabled the time it was quite
revolutionary camera and wifi connect and sending images back to your laptop
just from the sdcard is still quite cool thing if you’ve got all devices and they
came to us we came up with a new name for them we did the whole brand we spent
three or four months working on this thing they actually went for within
launched it and then then existing see left when someone else and they went
into the slow moment of what we gonna do with it now what is what’s happening and
they they kept going with it made into really successful brand but they came
back to us and said can we read can you rebranded back as I fight but we still
want a different new identity in the space of like a year we rebranded the
same thing twice they were always happy with what we did just that particular
start business there’s also a pivot and changes in direction changes in office
changes in the dynamic in the business investors members leave other people
join you know it’s very hard to navigate all of that but we’ve done pretty well
trying to navigate but that’s what I can think of and then we’ve got some kind of
great brands for them maybe they’re like 789 even ten years old now so it’s going
to be interesting to see as we get older maybe we’ll do a bran twice a little bit
more often as much as you make a brand future-proofing we’d like to think that
we do that in a way that it can get rendered and work on things digital
moving how to behave in the world you can’t kind of forty everything is gonna
happen particular technology that quite often a brand will need a bit of a
refresh the lines of someone that we did a while back we should be interesting to
see if they tweaks here and that you had your question I had was when your farm
engages with the company do they come with a distinct story or a distinct idea
of what they want or is the process that he was as the gauge with you wherever
they do have distinct idea or not it’s something that quite often come to us
and say we need to talk to them and work it out we agree that they need that but
then what about this other stuff and and before we can do any of that was the
story you know sometimes what might look like a website just so I just want a nap
really quickly in talking to them and spend a little bit more now than down
the line you might be able to save some money if we do a bit more because you
know you’re rushing forward with this and we all know your Russian and you
know you’re writing but if we would have liked not slowed down but we will
broaden the spectrum will be about what we can do that might mean more of its
gonna need to not be changed think they just won a logo or they think
they just want a website or they think they just want a nap or they just wanna
communications things to happen but in order to create that sometimes you gotta
unpack a little bit more to really get out of work effectively and everything
that happens is quite a long time will come to us and we’ll do like that job
you’ve just seen but then they’ll say okay we want to make more effort we need
to do more communications product coming out what needs to happen to that so we
tend to work hand-in-hand with Swisscom which is doesn’t mean anything here but
it’s the largest telecommunications business in Switzerland and that’s now
approaching an eight-year relationship I think it’s seven and a half years or
something and in that time we’ve developed the the parent brand but each
and every time they’ve come up with new product or any of those things I come
back to us kind of make sure thing they gonna do is being taught in with that
brand was a bit different shade is kind of different every time you know also
sometimes it will be like I want you to do that thing you did we need complete
change of everything you know their very own board with big change sometimes it’s
more like the marketing team in the brand team inside an organisation needs
to be a big change but some of the people above that don’t necessarily see
it that way they just think about our ads go to be made this year but
sometimes that’s not the case I sometimes the communications project can
turn into a brand new project we’ve had it the other way around as well where
we’ve actually been engaged and won a brand new project and then when we
started working on it we quickly realized the client didn’t really want
that they wanted to comes project we’re not doing advertising work stream on
that of course we had two adjustable numbers and all that kind of stuff as we
went along with it was less or more effort in different ways how did you
first find your clients coming out of school yes an interesting question i mean we
actually did do jobs why we’re a college not many and they were very small but we
quickly realized that every time we did a little thing we met someone else we
focus on what we called our ecosystem which I like it really now if we get our
ecosystem happy we communicate what we’re doing we share with them their
share with other people and a lot of kind of you would say but I think we
made our own luck so we go to law ministry events even if we weren’t
talking we just be there and you meet people and you talk to people and you
share and you do that kind of stuff the other thing that was really great so
martin’s college you went to this is a super good college with a very highly
thought of reputation and it’s also a lot of people that graduate from there
going work in industry so you kind of get introduced to those people would you
kind of graduate of spies like all-boys club or something all girls club or
whatever you want to call it but that’s how someone outside it would work to it
but it’s really just contact from within the college so that was one way to do it
too and then the other thing is just friends of friends that had something to
do to us it didn’t matter if it was a friend of a friend you only had a few
hundred dollars to get something done or is a friend of a friend who actually
knew someone that ran a big cable company was somehow ok to introduce us
as really bringing creative although we haven’t really done anything as I want
offers cable company in London that used to lay the actual cable in the ground
and that was one that is a big website redesign managed to convince them that
we knew at that time we had no idea how to make a website but we told the client
when you have a website and they somehow believed us so then we had a few weeks
debating the brand’s first website was just great naivety point on the whole website which
is great with a little nap in the top corner at that time when we made offers
website we don’t know if it’s only one image but we put up a huge gray image
you know you’re talking about where and then somebody else in your said you know
you can just be one great pics on repeat the whole screen would like you can do
what you know so we were really but we just believe that we could do this
during a couple of these projects you mention collaborating globally I’m
interested to hear how you do that you know especially during every phase or
working on little tiny details on a mark it’s gonna be a little tricky but it’s
something that we become good at in the last three years before that it was
something we wanted to do but it’s quite difficult thing to bear in mind is that
three years ago San Francisco with kind of still trying
to find talented people and all that kind of stuff that was a little bit
ahead get San Francisco to work but as thats got better and as thats go client
and it is growing there’s there’s a better opportunity to collaborate and
share your less like this and we’ve always talked about the businesses you
know it’s kind of one studio East me once you get here occasions that it was
once to you i three locations and that’s 14 like Asians and there’s a mindset the
business which is like that we’ve been told by to everyone for their skills
which treated there in you can click so I’m just going to see everyone and that
changes daily a free-lance even a common basis they
get put on their own they believe they go out so then the numbers on that thing
going up and down all the time so that’s one great Basescu’s in the business of
someone says you look thing and you don’t know who he is you
can just type in many pops up and you can see his face which to you but I
think it’s more of a mentality thing to actually want to work like that I think
a lot of other agencies told to work like that but really thinking about
their own studio quite often they have their own profit loss and they’ve got
their own sort of targets to hit where we thought that estudios you know
targets but because we’re all like i buy one thing and the founders in the
business understand that will be more effective if we can swap resources and
work on things collaboratively than that can work out i mean technical tools
really we’re just on the final Google hangout tons and tons of meetings all
the time it can be frustrating for the first five hours in my day in about six
different means exhaustive projects or different things are happening in the
business and the crossover times beginning about I just happens to line
up with the end of London style which is all in the middle of New York State so
they have a soapy in the middle of that I which is like tons of meetings london
has been the end of the day which means we have a bit rough beginning and then
we used to resource as studio but now we resource in in in in New York and London
be resource across the taste areas so I whether you’re in London weather in New
York where in San Francisco you could be working on a new project and then we
also have a global resourcing which looks at things from a type of things
that pitch which is in New York and for people in London team working on that
two people in New York working on that and to people in San Francisco and we
all have to me that time we’re just talking and then basically everything
online Google Drive two presentations that we can work on
and comment on and all that kind of stuff which is using whatever tool works
for us this secure and works for everyone and it’s really easy to get to but it’s more of a mentality and I know
a lot of other agencies have tried to do that but to talk about it here but if
the chain you know there’s no advantage money wise wise to work collaboratively
that’s why it’s so bright that which we have a natural advantage i think is a
belief inside the business working different perspectives from around from
around the globe as well I’m sure you want to know more about the actual to
create a mentality and then she’s in that order yes I’m a little curious what
are some examples of brands out there maybe haven’t worked with that you think
are doing it really well expand on reading sort of like dynamic
future-proof brands are going to live on for a long time you gonna look at their
work and it’s a really good job you find out that in general has been pretty in everyone’s
doing and how long will it be before another way I don’t know I think
it’s more of a question to them and whether it’s good or bad or
indifferent I really like the HBO brand and a lot of the stuff that’s happened
recently particularly in the I don’t work this happened in particular in the
few if any of you guys are now that’s what the experiences I think a lot of
that work is really really great very simple worked really well question that always look at them and
think that rather than you know i mean there are few agencies I respect a lot
and they say anything that they come up with seems to be really really good
that’s a great agency called us to that game Monument Valley phenomenally
beautiful game you can play but they do a lot of work and that stuff at the
moment I saw them to a post about experimental work they’re doing for car
dashboards and user interface and human interaction design is happening in in
that area that’s really really progressive they really great company so
friendly basis and then there’s another one in London in the UK can check their
little bit more of your buddies on I call them but they’re they’re like super
cool they like the old stuff and all the old German staff and everything in
between there a bunch of great so I think they design is just like beautiful
things that just a magazine called the hour which is like a magazine about
watches and ecology and really simple idea where they’ve just taken the height
you in the arm place them at twelve o’clock o’clock 6 o’clock nine o’clock
positions on the front cover of the magazine to me that’s just lovely and we
had actually get that through a climate get them to do it is normally there’s a
mosque had in everyone’s worried about seeing the words our in that sort of
third parties are not covered up because it’s based only I think you know smaller
more artsy time magazine shops work the rest of them I just wanna be
really interesting as designers we’re always like to change that but there was
also a little bit kinda like the fact is really quirky we like the worst type AC
possibly have really horrible overbearing colors like every news on in
half an hour start-up guide but there was something
quite quaint about that that’s going to be interesting to see like how it rolls
out for them I’m actually start seeing patients you know if you look at maps
now hang out and then everything I’m you kind of everywhere it’s already just
normalized in my head in the space of a week or two weeks or how long that’s
been it interesting that can do that can normalize something that’s really
different and then just a few days it is accepted that redraws of it which i
think are interesting but I find all that kind of redrawing of something on a
design blog quite tedious if that happens to all work when we do it you
know toppin also people with seemingly time
on that comment and invest a lot of time and energy in the comment to alert to
work on it but the kind of missing the point for me and this is where you
realize I’m not designer is that to me it’s the getting that through getting
that game that surely alive in the world brilliant thing about it so any bit of
work this line and get signed off and then get pushed into the world have a
happy and feel like you you love that work you’ve done something close by
somebody else’s eyes or the waiting is a bit off to me that doesn’t matter I
think it’s more about obviously when we do stuff there are
none of those issues before it goes life but you know I think it’s pretty girl
the people’s work on that basis the conversations that were happening behind
the scenes is a lot more complex and just doesn’t really mean anything to me questions must be very sort of 31 business design when you design
products how many of your internal collaborators our spreadsheet guys and
can use the dynamic between collaborating with less creative and
more MBA years i mean i society well first I don’t I think people that
happened been training creativity I don’t think that means that we
necessarily have a power that other people don’t have a spreadsheet of you
wanna put it it’s not in my experience that’s not true it’s not true that
drives people to serve our creative and other types of people who say they’re
just doing the thing that they somehow got training and then somehow God and
then go to that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can have very good creative
ideas so you know business we we’ve done some scary things like give money when
you draw it you see here enjoy it with us what you think is like in workshops
and that’s quite scary anything could happen but because anything could happen
you get some really interesting results even if they draw something really
really ridiculous only something in it which is which is a true that they
believe about their business ended very badly now kind of design put
it is not there’s no Sora sensibility and there’s something about it from a
story perspective which is always really really interesting so that we know we
just treat everyone like like everyone it doesn’t have I T week we try and just treat everyone the
same get them involved in the same in the same way more expensive that there’s
a big difference in creative people you think that’s a truism that would you
think that’s the thing we like to tell us to make ourselves feel better about I’m not in the creative industry you are
different I mean quite fundamental things that’s kinda permissions on its
drawers and stuff remember underserved roles with it because they’re not sure
that prices are not necessarily done it before so we can kind of control that
rain whereas if you work with someone who’s done a few ads before but isn’t a
great person and they probably got a lot of knowledge picked up on the way which
they keep applying which therefore means they think that’s the way you do
something but it’s just the way they did it and they repeat it so I’ve been
conversations where someone told me that caps is easier to read and capped bigger
even easier to read somewhere along the line they pick that up and you kind of
it might not to fight that it’s better to show them what they want and then
start a different way and normally they change their minds together they even
said it was about this kind
of people senior rebranding I have no idea I’m
sure they have emails off I started getting emails of someone who was part
of a campaign here in the Bay Area invite me to a few things but a little
bit like it wasn’t reals I never really followed up on it was there was a
question I wasn’t that smaller company that doesn’t quite have
a following of Apple but could desperately use a rebrand but at the
same time they’re worried that people won’t if they rebrand recognize them
anymore do you ever come across that time yeah I mean all the time doesn’t matter
how big or small business believes that everyone loves God is well
recognized and it’s got great equity sometimes thats true sometimes that’s
not true remind them in a conversation something
must be wrong and to just blindly say that it’s not the logo is not the
identities is kinda not right investigating I mean there’s a big we
make it like we get briefed by Klein and we start drawing that isn’t what we do
about the total time of a project is all research what else is out there what
comp what comes in they done before how are the boys this ok your red which
other competitors red therefore is ready good idea is there another caller there
could be an opportunity in this sector strap lines what were the other comms
you know we do a massive work or big chunk of work on the budget of course
that’s all about looking at all of that kind of stuff and so that’s why you saw
and even other opportunities they didn’t come out very well and scream but
basically observations and opportunities that we’ve learned from our research
which is something to be mindful of as we go for your product we were my client
we get the client to agree with those and we remind them of that as they go
through but taking that first step I mean one thing to do is we never say to
a Klein if they’re not sure about their logo we wouldn’t go into is well worth
of you we can change your logo tons of projects that we’ve done on that first
green you sort of all the identities I mean we didn’t design with a lot of guys
but we did all the times that work for them because I wouldn’t tell really
famous walk in tonight we needed change the logo and I think I share the same respect to
something that small medium-sized I don’t ever really answer the question
but there’s no changing things we used to talk about was what was going to
happen if you don’t change anything and the the the the answer was yes I really
like about eighty percent a month so that would just continue what are you
happy with that and he was like no I’m I want to do something I want to change
that stuff like well changing it might help that happen at least put you in a
frame of mind personally that’s your thing to talk
about brand everyone’s like how does it how is it relevant to people sometimes
our branding project is just as much about making everyone in business feel more committed more on board
finally they’ve got a way of communicating to the world which feels
more like the way they work every day you know it’s about kind of bringing
that stuff but the you know sometimes the not changing is the thing that we
talked about that and that’s the thing that kinda get screwed it up a bit
because that’s why the original source may be considered in this and then
decide what we’re not going to change anything basic so I did not change
anything that nothing will change in the business and some radical business
change like a different type of product or so I think brand can definitely
change emphasis and bring new point of view on your brand that weren’t there
before and every great interest in the short-term and the long-term can give
you a brand this able to communicate in ways that you need it to Netflix really
was just our brand doesn’t work when we’re trying to use it please help us
like changes bit very much a crossing of Mark different
conversation when I started getting the start of the funds are usually limited
do you have any edition or any guidance on when it is precisely because a lot of
it could be but when vendors branding become important for the success of this
type have any guidance ordinary to try one of practical view is that branding
is my personal view so I think the technology you come up with the
uniqueness of that thing and the way to communicate that to the world kind of
hand-in-hand important but I know full well that when you gettin money or not
getting money or whatever that is it’s all about wow I’m not going to
spend that money on brand because I need a second program or need a head of
technology or whatever those things are but that doesn’t mean that that problem
you still you still got that Brown would actually we’re not cool cool brand debt
with why I was talking about it I still play with a hundred percent sure about
it but I figure doesn’t include technical debt you know that is
technical debt is on that is when you say they think it works well we know
this but it doesn’t work instead of fixing it now let’s do all these other
things and kind of get rolling and we know that we’ve got six months from now
when we get a bit more money we can fix it then I think the same thing is
happening with the company’s brand so where do you put effort into your logo
or not intercoms or not I think about the real
question is whether the point when you wait because you all the way down here
and change it really really like that I could cost you if you’re really
successful millions of dollars to change everything whereas in the video it might cost a few
hundred thousand but you’re not going to have these big events here but it might
be a time when couple hundred thousand that’s another a campaign or the early
that’s what it might be able to get someone into it you know we’ve done them
quite small mouth you’re seeing that have been done but even at that point
it’s kinda like spending the 200 when you’ve only got maybe fifty or a hundred
and in total anyway so it’s really an individual
choice and I think but what i’m saying is a trend is investors appear more
emphasis on brand because they’ve seen how important it is for other things
have been a success the ones and good productive been a success not just the
ones I’ve got good product and they can see consumers kind of attaching
themselves to product that’s got a great brand more than the ones that don’t say
that more emphasis on finding entrepreneurs coming to us even if they
don’t really know what they’re talking about because it had people because
they’ve got this great idea that all that walking upright and even without
really knowing what it is they know it’s an important things that difference in
opinion as a friend but I think we believe it’s really don’t really have a
lot of money you can do something a little while but there comes a point
after maybe or maybe halfway between first and second where your investors
will start saying right when you get this prime right now but I think if you
can be on the front edge of that and say to investors now we need more money for
brand can be good for you can see he probably kept it more money put in kind
of make that happen because they’re all of the month consumer-facing kinda like some
pharmaceutical b2b maybe less the more consumer facing is definitely the more
it is not clear but I think that things were mine is a differing you are that
your brand if you don’t do anything unless you’re just trying to like you
know when you’re done but if you got something where before that brand is
gonna be part that makes at some point designer but they’re more amorous
self-taught designers out there worked with some of them are you have
someone your team what did they bring versus those with a more conventional
traditional art background design background as yourself self-taught didn’t do any education and
it just kind i find that I don’t know how to answer that was the difference
between the two well known as I was before she died if you but he wasn’t
professionally trained he came in a lot to want to be a designer be kind of half
done a bit of architecture and then decided that wasn’t for him and was in
this or no man’s land right now and he just kind of almost all its architecture
stuff look at it you know it’s been crazy people who are you know maybe
someone else to make a table or something some of his guilt he ended up
being really really great designer very touchy feely and I did a lot of work himself in music
industry like different things are a funny enough there’s a guy in San
Francisco a while back and he wasn’t trained either but he was trained little
bit you know I decided to give up and got only three into designs I and he was
really good too I don’t know about this architecture kind of know a little bit about designer
think it’s just this pressure but invariably most people to join us have
had an education in design some point I was just just the way it rolls and they
have a pool that area to discover about something about them around the back of
all that stuff i spose in the sketch books and in all the stuff that there
that I mean I don’t know I don’t think we’ve had that many self hundred-percent
self-talk designers work for us I think most people have come out the design
background and education are not trained as one so I i knew i was given some of
the ways to think so I don’t know what do you think the difference is interesting things people do bad time of
things you actually want them to bring into the studio so we first went into
processing and 3d printing and all the things we do a lot now that came from
people on our team has been interested in doing experiments and ends of shined
other people to Syria will I get really brings you can do a bit more that we
decided to make our own 3d printer you know certainly you’ve got something
going on this site we got people in the business that designers but they’re also
musicians that’s really interesting because we need to make a little sound
think something they can actually do that so we don’t want to limit people
based on their training it’s more about what they mean to you know some of the
good singer we need someone from some of the guys voice is that I do some of the
voice overs as well so it’s all about bringing whatever skills you’ve got to
the table and someone to do that people tend to keep their there are other
things away from work because it’s easy bringing any guests less precious you
know if you like panic at all you don’t really wanna do music because
in that makes music work and then like in the same way that you do certain poster that you saw when you’re
growing up that made you choose to do what you do and then my second question
is after working on a project from eight to 12 hours in a day with your buddies
you go home and still design and I mean is it overkill like you know on some of
the stuff that you want to do you know how do you balance that so the first
question is one of those kids I was drawing I always loved drawing I went
through a phase of thinking I wanted to be a painter and I want to be a fashion
designer and i’m looking like a 910 you know everyone around me to tell me I
could draw very well and I was really embarrassed about it wasn’t like a
proper skill to me it was
we have actually showed me and I was really an
album called thing with pictures of it was a mystery t because there was not
like information you can find out about these people so the imagery and the
touchy-feely nature of that thing music video those who are things that got me
into really thinking where people will I’m sure that will be really great way
to use my creativity sounds like a bad bet than painting better than these
other things so there was like I’m covers music videos and all that kind of
stuff and that became very influential stuff to me so I wanted to make as I saw
it wasn’t a powerful images that would make other people like me go thing
normally attached to music that’s how I got into an energy find more out you
know and you get noted through that little bit and then you get medication
and it kind of opened up to all this other stuff and the second part of the
thing was about these two design when you got home yeah daytime and then coming home and
still designing sometimes I can’t you just feel like a
zombie it’s like two o’clock in the morning work at 10 and 16 hours on
multiple projects you know how do you balance that with your personal time I
think in the early days I used to do that it would be like doing all the time
there was no and it was all the same thing then as
I’ve realized that he stopping at six o’clock or five o’clock or whatever it
is is actually a really good idea because doesn’t drain you so much for
the next day there’s only so much crave negu have the longer you keep game with
a fine it’s not you know this amount of time where it’s good and where it’s not
really good early in the morning coffee a battle for the second coffee terrible
for myself and about 45 o’clock a stock gaining some interest but I do stuff
it’s just it’s not quite the same stuff I don’t bring work home and keep working
on it but I do other things so luxury watch brand at the moment but I’ve been
designing watches month and that they suggest different faces different style
hand if renderings different places different dimension different
complications that we can add to watch and then I’ve just bought my brother
he’s doing this with me and my wife me my brother my wife we thought this
milling machine so we can actually made out all the metal parts for the thing
and we’ve got the mechanisms and we’re going to start of making prototypes of
these watches now it’s not designed as such but it’s still a crave yeah yeah
and if I’m not doing that on my computer upstairs with logic MPC and I’m
basically just making beats with plump at
things thank you so much for your presentation my question I’m curious to know about
what mistake you made starting out that you learned the most
from and if you sort of a common trend of mistakes with designers coming out
there is one time when I got a lot of energy for something and i wanna get it
now really quick and if it’s not a very quick I’m just decided done or rely on
the rest of the team kinda like make it happen like starting things and I’m
really good at starting things I’m really bad finish them so they are
watching I’m gonna stop that my brother my wife gonna have to finish that
there’s no way I’m gonna have time or anything so this kind of mistake that I
think one of biggest mistakes I was trying to be a professional rather than
a creative with crimes so I was in a meeting with my co-founder and climb and
I was presenting and actually he and I have only been in about five
presentations together as we normally we don’t see eye to eye on almost anything
apart from having a beer and a hog get but if you know he likes the blue one I
like the red one just the way it is we’re totally opposite he said but i
dont potentially cause I really professional dress differently and I and
i was tryna like be professional and can I mean he’s just doing all things like
national you know I’m kinda nice these days I wasn’t personal but he was like a
waste of everyone’s time you know they’re paying us to be the crazy people meeting they’re not paying us to be
another I think with the way he feels like they’re not paying it to be that
they desperately need what we’ve got and we’ve got the ability to be like see
around corners for them that they can’t see jump over obstacles that they can’t
get out their vision you know as a creative person in a
business makes you can kind of help navigate around a lot of that stuff
these kind of really angry at me for trying to beat them and i learn very
quickly not basically from that point on not to do that so I never dressed up
again and I try and tell it like I see it because if you wanna hear you
basically not doing the job you need to tell them what you really think of what
you really think in the context of all the ramifications are gonna come from
that but at least you need to be given them a very honest opinion all the time
because you don’t do that at this and probably the thing is gonna be a success
as I think its designers we have a gut instinct on something right thing is you
gotta find the best way like bring that to life in a way that’s going to keep
everyone kind of happy so I think that was one of the things with just trying
to be something you’re not just be yourself this is on his out that I like
even looser and allow the me and they can’t you know me they drop they dress
really really different and I’m just the way I’m so I think it’s important to be
the way off your very well thought out then you need to be a potential trend
use of common mistakes that a lot of new designers make you better though a lot of repetition in which I find a
little bit annoying school schools where you know you see a portfolio and it’s
great to see another student from that school is that funny I was just some of
the world to a bit different and all these things like to make an educated in
designing that way replicating anything so if you happened
to being on a course which is like that I think the three other stuff in when I
was getting trained they talk about it take you sketch books but I think they
really work anymore I think you’ve gotta like other working that you think
relevant EU relevant to your life things that you really think you’re great and
really help bring things to life what what what in thanks to be a
designer and I can remember what happened there was a point when I
realized that we were hiring people that I considered more talented than myself
and therefore I was more used to the bases helping drive that business for it
and create more of a narrative story around our own business so that’s when I
started doing more talks and presenting things and talk to the press and all
that kind of stuff but I think it was just a natural thing you know game busiest let’s get more people in
and therefore there was people to do all of that great work and that’s what I
then became more creative director because I wasn’t working in the early
days films I should do music creation used to
take with photography basically doing as we added people you
know obviously I wasn’t the best editor in the world and I wasn’t the best type
of the world’s best designer in the world but I like to think that the
people we have working with us are getting them to do those things they’re
kinda more passionate about you know more about this was always a good thing
and I gave me the ability to concentrate on other things like we are represented
how we begin the world and all of those kind of things I don’t know if it was a
moment it was like a series of different moments coming to the USA was a big
moment for me because only host you single-handedly in some respects I was
responsible for and I was responsible for growing whereas before you know it
always been five founders and then I always had like lots of people around me
and then suddenly I was in a different country with people on the team which I
didn’t really know and then trying to get that happened and how do you do that moving brands that was definitely not
trying to do the work because I had to do that team give them confidence in
their own ability come up with that without your phone is you majority of you go through this will be
your design then you’ll be more kind of seniors on and then you might be a
creative director which means you kind of give give give the avenues to run
down other creditors ironically as I do this don’t you that you’re doing that
and then if it’s your own business you got the business you’re thinking about
as well and even if it’s not often you go from director to more of a partner
and then they might make you like head of a studio gradual process and every
time you go for it used to be that was originally the thing that you why you
got into the business in the first place I see some people comfortable with that
some people want and it’s ok to light not progress you know if you really want
to cross marks that level craft the marks be the person in that she didn’t
want to please them are you know it’s up to you but I think he was to make a
decision whether they want to go on a journey that’s more toward conduct
business or they can to keep on a journey that just just in the design of
any kind of recommendations to like future grads in graphic design
really hard make really great work concentrate on not just the way it looks what it means what’s the story behind it
really really important and then just get really good at communicating talk
about your work as much as how good you are being executed is being talked about
it being out of presenting being able to you know get someone to believe in what
you’re saying is is really the moment we’re great
design become something they can make something happen rather than just be
designed and then I just be really dogged about meeting as many people as
you can I get as much work experience as you can paid doesn’t matter just try and work
agencies in different places that you think very credible trying to get in
because every time you work somewhere for a week or two months or whatever it
is you can make contacts and contacts gonna be the things that turns your
career eventually could you just meet people should just you and recommend you
and send you to different places and people come to us and you know we don’t
really have for someone right now but this other agency should try they’re all
that is sites as it’s all about the network around you don’t stay in your
pocket design you gotta be like that when you’re doing the work and when
you’re making things happen but you gotta be all about what’s going on and
there were about pestering people you know people to get lost if they want to
but designers and creative people tend to not really be like that to be quite
helpful so you can get things happen not so I respect for that year undermining
your own potential you got a car like pushes out and get yourself out there
after this and then you’ve talked about the story you mentioned it a few times can use a
little bit more about that and how you clean that information because I’m
correct me if I’m wrong I kind of get to getting the creativity starts with the
story about creative that story as well get that creativity going yeah I mean crisis is define and create and then
there’s nothing to thrive but really the 30 S S is the kind of assessment I was
talking about which is not desktop research looking what else is out there
other brand communicating all that kind of stuff but they also tons of like
internal stakeholder interviews that we do where we work with the client to
identify people or certain roles that we need to talk to you again honest opinion
about what the brand is about what we represent is brilliant tool as well we
find out like these negative about changing his positive about changing all
that kind of stuff and you get lost a lot of opinion from within the business
and we do that in a one-to-one sense there’s no kind of worried about what
you’re saying and also totally confidential so we reveal what people
say but we don’t reveal he said and that kind of stuff and then we basically use
all of that context in workshops so once we gotta love that will put it all on
the world works for people and say right let’s go through this and what do we
agree with what we disagree with it can be quite I am looking statements from
his own organization some of which is really negative some of which is kind of
mediocre some of which is not what he thinks or she thinks the business is all
about etcetera etcetera etcetera and that
everyone gets a sort of a lot of stakeholder interview that happens a lot
of simulation of that into opportunity and then there’s the stuff we worked
through that we’ve cried as well where shopping is a big part of what we do we
do a whole bunch of workshops sometimes our whole day long sometimes a half of
that you don’t remember to date as well where there’s a series of different
exercises which on one hand is a report of the assessment we’ve made in the
types of things that we’ve discovered that these workshops with some of that
material to try and clean out the leadership or it was part of the project
what’s important to them and what do they disagree with what we gotta fix and
then we do a series of other things like visual workshops story workshops where
we all sit down and try and write that story or like what we do things like we
will never know the whole nation different people who want to say we’ll
never do this whenever we will always different things like
that which some people feel like really a waste of time and two others they get
really really into it but it’s never wasted time it’s full of such
information about how the organization sees itself and sees itself compared to
its competitors then we take all of that and start to write this story and the
story is normally a short narrative five-word be kept in the pocket computer
the strapline all the time it’s not really meant that way it’s meant as an
internal rally cry to everyone in the business I this is what we do but
there’s also this long form narrative which is much more detail about the
reason why that’s right and the types of things that we do and how that goes I
mean there’s a couple other people in the organization and Michael internal
copywriting and he has a lot of the interviews that we do and that kind of
stuff as well a lot more details around the house and we also makes them so
sometimes need a lot of interviews but not workshop others need tons of
workshop a lot different stakeholders and hardly any interviews such so just
depends on that organization the size and scale what’s the best way to band or
not spend the money in lieu of you know everything that we’ve gotta get down to
the project timeline project in in that phase that did you get to a point where
all in agreement about what we are we’re all in agreement that this is a story
that represents that yeah we got colorized do that as well
yeah we and we have we’ve also got consulting on which is in that kind of
business design part of what we do so there in that we’ve got some very small
people with some very small education behind them that kind of helped steer in
that project yes not just solely designed fighters way of going about it
very strategic and other various its fine and my question was above same
thing but let me rephrase it a little bit if it’s one when you when you were
answering that question you were talking about established business and companies
were a lot of stakeholders and you can draw stories are them what about merging
businesses start-ups do they have to have a story to build the brand what
could be the story how do you work with that kind of situation I think I think I
dunno I think it’s possible to get our organisation only there’s a reason or
story behind why an emerging businesses set up it’s even that they’ve learned
something from work in other business and think that it’s currently done wrong
and they’ve got a better way of doing it more efficient way to create a new
product because certain time something in order manager program and something
that felt like a good thing and made a new thing but it’s always a story behind
it like a reason why it’s important in the world you know me like one of those
guys can get home on New Year’s Eve I was really frustrated with the taxi
services and can book anything and say just gonna try right some sort of
program that’s going to be a cool up this thing and that’s kinda like the
beginnings of the thing but early on that can be used as part of the story
you know why that store even now I still can thing to hear about why that frustration
dying okk system wasn’t fit for the world and didn’t work you know didn’t
work very well so let’s show our stories all about doing a better way to a more
dynamic wife that’s a sign whether you’re making a luxury watch coming up
with some company that makes bags or or or piece of software think it’s the same
thing there’s always something at the heart which is the reason why not watch
thing so I’m thinking sexy companies with school stories around them and they
become successful in case like like yours you’re doing something on your
role in the free time and designing clothes washers how do you transformative brand and how do marketed
what’s the story behind it you just wanted to try to do it you just like
that story and you start thinking about it there is thank you know luxury
watches it too expensive right now maybe they could be made with the same quality
for a lot less price so maybe it’s just about the fact that there’s so many
whereabouts right now how can you bring that back to something that’s gone any
stage is really early stages when it’s very in your mind and your very own work
into the thing that maybe you don’t quite have the story emerges from doing
that well I find interest in this time working out manufacturing process to
make a watch but I’m also dealing with a brand at the same time and they are
forming each other so I’m kind of have a bit of fluid it ready for a while before
we define it hard and I think there’s always that face I mean that we like but
I’m not because I wanna do a bit more research I mean why I’m really gonna do
it properly engage me brands to pull that talents into it but
I’ll be the client not ready yet we’re still prototype we’ve got a first watch
case and what kinda looking at you know that kind of stuff go to rejoin the mall
there’s my 3d renders an hour when the things actually made out big as I
thought smaller or bigger mean I think we’re gonna have a good years worth of
just tweaking and trying to find identifiable that we think might watch unique before
it touches were trying to find out what that is all we do have a story in the
fact that we wanted to be one of the few British manufacturers making very high
quality things but I’m not answer your question please read our program which
is used extension and no other thing that is
really important we are some areas that you have any
increase in case you have any kind of portions of the program in those folders
you have my contact information and I will be able to provide you with
anything that you would like in case you’re interested in classes with us normally we run 6:30 to 9:30 and
sometimes Saturday crisis we make it easy for working professionals in terms
of taking courses with us we’ll make it is in the classroom lebanese almost one
concern is grad when you go to grad school so we have great professionals
reaching our course they’re working professionals they just come on page one
course whatever the experts does how we run it over here and another great we
are actually filming this child will be on our website especially for those of
you that carrying a little late so you can see the beginning probably a week
and a half or two which side thank you

A Designer’s Innovative Approach to Branding, Storytelling and Experience Design
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