Hello everyone and welcome to my
advanced link building SEO episode on my channel I don’t know why I froze there
let’s go! Hey everyone my name is Jared Vandermeer
and I make digital marketing tip videos right here on YouTube now before I get
started I am in the middle of a mall in Toronto there’s tons of people in this
mall taking photos and video so I said man let’s just stop and get this content
now. Don’t know if we’re gonna get kicked out though so we’ll see. Advanced link
building SEO is one of the hottest topics on YouTube and this episode I’m
going to go through seven or eight tips on how to build links how to build those
citations that build Authority in the most advanced way possible. One of the
issues with SEO is everybody is using the same business directories now you
can see what your competitors are doing and as soon as you do that you’re
building on the same directories they’re on there’s very little new information
in new directories to build more links to try to get that competitive edge so
you need to find the small ways in order to get more links more authoritative
links that are gonna take your website up in the organic rankings and up to the
next level. Tip number one from me this isn’t a pro tip this is one of the
generic ones however be a subject matter expert give value and expect nothing in
return. The internet right now is this wide open
field anyone can put out content about any subject so take advantage of your
niche take advantage of your service put out information as much as you can
through LinkedIn articles on medium through your website blog put out
content be a subject matter expert that content is the content that gets linked
to the content that gets shared those links are gonna provide a lot of power
to your business and brand so for example if you’re a small business
trying to build those links for your website start a blog start a media
center it’s gonna make a huge difference towards people sharing your content and
building up those authoritative links that none of your competitors have. Now
that comes into my second tip I just mentioned it have a media center on your
website there’s a lot of websites now that yes you’re building the content you
got your meta descriptions your alts you’ve got everything you need you’ve
got 500 words of text on the page and it is really powerful information that’s
showing you guys as a subject matter expert but you can’t make more of it you
can’t make or pages a blog is a fantastic way in
order to create more content. Now I don’t call it a blog I call it a media center
because I want to see more than just blog content in there I want to see your
video content I want to see your press releases I want to see documents and
brochures and catalogs all of the information that your customers and
audience want to see it’s going to get shared it’s going to make a difference
for your brand and it’s gonna build those links that are hard to come by. I’m
getting way too excited for SEO but I’m into the middle mall and I think I’m
trying to rush it hopefully I’m not yelling..
I think I’m yelling still. All right another tip that I have is get on
platforms that aren’t saturated yet where the content gets seen as a subject
matter expert and gets shared more easily things like SlideShare things
like articles on LinkedIn things like medium where all that content you put on
medium is right away going to get indexed find those platforms where you
can push out the content to where it’s not saturated if you’re just throwing
content out on to Facebook Linkedin you’re linking to the media center in
your Twitter post very those are very very very low authoritative links back
to your site they don’t help anymore yes they are links yes you’re getting the
information out there but you’re trying to get the information to those people
that need it to the audience that needs it so things like SlideShare putting out
a document putting out a presentation that tells all of the things related to
your product or service let’s say you’re a plumber and you do a full document on
how to fix someone’s toilet that example I always use that example but example
nonetheless let’s say you did that it’s going to make a difference if people are
searching online for how to fix a toilet and your article comes up they’re happy
because it worked and they share it those are links that are coming back to
your site. Now if you guys watch my channel you know I am NOT about selling
in content if you sell you lose or you sell more by selling less so start
building links through platforms that are non selling we’re in a non selling
environment for example start a podcast once you get a podcast your podcast is
going to have a URL taking you to where your privacy policy is taking you to
where the information about your Podcast can be found put that landing
page on your website when the podcast goes out it’s going to get picked up by
a whole bunch of directories podcast directories and that link to your site
it’s going to be on all of those directories those are all links it’s a
really easy way to get a ton of links coming back to your site really quickly
a pro tip to that and I don’t say this very often but a pro tip is mobile
applications do the exact same thing once you’re listed on the Google Play
once you’re listed in the App Store there’s a ton of directories that pull
the information out of the app store and if your link goes to your site for the
support from that you’re gonna get a ton of links really really quickly when you
get into your SEO software whichever one you use look at where you already have
links built a lot of time links the anchor text getting used is just to your
website URL reach out to articles of the past reach out to anywhere you have a
link and see if they’re going to change to make a better anchor text for you so
for example for myself if I am trying to rank well for digital marketing services
but every single time it’s just my website URL then my website URLs getting
out there but my rich anchor text isn’t there. So I would call out to that
article and say can you change my anchor text to digital marketing services
linking back to myself it’s a really good tip you can capitalize on the links
you’ve already built and not have to put in as much effort to get more articles
and get more links from other authoritative sources. Last tip for the
day run a survey with your clients now it’s not a survey you just need a
question and answer and you can put it out on any platform send it out through
Facebook put it out to your audience on Twitter ask the people on LinkedIn just
message people through LinkedIn to your connections and ask them but ask them
where they get information for your specific service niche. All right now
let’s use the classic old example let’s say you sell widgets contact all of your
clients contact everyone in your connections and see where they look for
information about the widgets you sell it applies to any business people look
in specific sites for specific information in specific places online
you want to be building links to those sites from those sites.
So find out that information then reach out to those blog writers reach out to
those influencers those content creators those influencers and ask them to link
back content to you whether that’s a paid sponsorship or you’re getting them
to do it because you’re not selling and you’re providing a ton of value to the
audience it’s a fantastic way to build links that are going to make a
difference for your website. Now so far so good we haven’t got caught here again
there’s a ton of people taking photos this is a really really cool place in
Toronto I’m gonna put the link below just because I see a ton of
photographers are taking there’s some there’s some lights up on the ceiling
there’s the fountain there’s some lights on the floor it looks like a great place
to both make a tik tok video as well as actually that actually it’s a good point
I should make a tik tok video on the way out and it looks like a great place for
photographers to come and get some awesome content that’s it for this
episode guys if you have any other questions about SEO put it in the
comments below I am going to try to get back to every single one of you and look
for more videos like this overtime as I try to create and correct and make
better videos every single day that’s it guys that’s all for today.

Advanced SEO Link Building Tips and Techniques

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