[music playing] You know, a trend
that’s not going away is people wanting to live
this seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle. It’s about seeing
out of the house and what’s past a window
and door, not the window and door itself. It’s about lack
of visual clutter. We want details to be muted
and to essentially blend in. And it’s a connection to
the place you live in, like some more glass, which
means more sunlight coming into a house, better
views out to wherever somebody chooses to live. Big windows and patio doors
are what homeowners want. They absolutely want to open
up the space that they live in, get as much light
inside, and also extend that indoor and
outdoor living space. This is a pocket door
that will literally go right into the wall. There’s nothing here. And the great thing
about the MaxView door is that it absolutely opens
up the entire space, so in your kitchen or
dining room right out into your outdoor living space. That’s great.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – A Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle | FYI
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