Another trend we are seeing
at Design and Construction Week, and one very close
to my heart, is around indoor and
outdoor living spaces. Architects and
builders and homeowners alike are looking
for maximum viewing area, which means more glass. And they want narrow profiles
and they want big doors, and they want to
be able to see out. When you look at designing
this outdoor living space and blurring the lines, the
door becomes so important because it’s the
connection between that indoor and outdoor space. It feels like there’s a
revolution going on here, Jesse, an outdoor revolution. More and more people
want to spend time outside, and they want to create the
right living environment. We’re trying to bring that
experience from the inside of the house to the
outside of the house onto a deck or other
outdoor living space. We’re leveraging sustainable
materials, and on top of that, we have this unique
design flexibility. Imagination should not
stop at your back door.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – Bring the Outdoors In | FYI
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