[music playing] Another really
interesting trend we are seeing at Design
and Construction Week is around contemporary
design styles. This is called the
contemporary kitchen? Right. This would be the most
contemporary, modern kitchen that we’re actually
displaying here. The modern look,
I would say, would be color, functionality,
lighting systems, and very nice, clean design. What’s in here? Is this the dishwasher? Actually, it’s a surprise. So like a drinks cabinet. It could be that. It can be used for
entertaining, and it keeps all that clutter off the counters. That’s incredible. If you look at our island, you
don’t see any seams, any lines. Everything is very
sleek and very modern. It looks like just a block of
marble in the kitchen, right? Like, when you
push it, each door opens and reveals all the
beautiful accessories inside. So we tried to eliminate
all the optical pollution. Optical pollution. Yeah. [music playing]

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – Contemporary Kitchen Design | FYI
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