There is innovation
around every corner within this industry. This is the glass rinser. Six jets shoot up
through the middle. Things like this
sit right on there. That’s genius. This specific faucet is
made with 3D metal printing. The thickness on that
is about three pennies. For our part, we removed the
distinction between the faucet and the sink. Water appears, and then it
disappears into another one. Fascinating. 3D printing has been
used for many, many years for prototyping. We decided to use
it for faucets. Looks like a fairly
simple, elegant design. Very simple. You activate it just by waving. It senses you, and you see
that the water gets delivered all around this opening. What’s the future for
3D printing and design as it relates to the bathroom? And you’re going to
be able to maybe print your faucet with your lav
or with your furniture or maybe even with
your wall one day.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – Faucet of the Future | FYI
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