[music playing] As a designer, I am
all about function. But cool, innovative
design is a close second. When you design,
like, this kitchen right here that has
so many features, what are the main concerns? We are kind of fighting
that junk-drawer mentality. What we’ve got is
fine-line drawer organization, hyperorganized. And as you’ll see
with all of the doors, these are all lipped. This would be the magic corner. So we’re able to pull
this out and even extend it a little bit further. EVETTE RIOS: So literally
nothing is going to get lost in this kitchen. If it does, it’s
your own fault. EVETTE RIOS: What
is really inspiring you with kitchen design now? We wanted to showcase
how appliances are much more than just in the kitchen. So it doesn’t really have
to feel like that really utilitarian space. A lot of the cabinetry is
very furniture influenced. Ultimately, it’s
all about layering really unique finishes,
texture, and high contrast. It’s all about what makes
your kitchen distinctive.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – Innovative Kitchens | FYI
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