[upbeat music] One of the hot
trends we’re seeing at Design and Construction Week
is all around smart home tech. This looks, like, otherworldly. This is next level. What you’ve got the
opportunity to do is really customize it
to however you’d like– lights, sound,
temperature, steam. I’m not seeing taps here. But you’ve got a manual
interface right here. What’s coming to life
next is the ability to control this via voice. So you could say, start
my morning shower. And exactly the shower
that you’ve programmed, it’ll start up. CHRISTIAN MURPHY: That’s crazy. ALYSSA WILTERDINK: Yeah. What we’ve got here
is an induction cook top range with air fries. It’s a system inside. It leverages
convection technology. The temperature inside the stove
gets really hot really fast. This is the industry’s
first drawer that converts from a
freezer to a refrigerator. You just put your
finger right here. Freezer, or seafood, or
deli, or white wine– we handle it all
inside with technology.

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