[upbeat music] We’re about to
meet a man who’s been putting roofs
over the heads of Americans for generations. So what have you seen, in terms
of this industry and changes, and developments,
and innovation? The average size
of an American house is declining because the
millennials will sacrifice size for more technology. It’s just incredible. On your way home, you
can turn on your stove and start your dinner,
unlock and lock the doors before you get there. You can turn on your lights. You can check your security. It saves energy. It protects the environment. It makes it easier for
the American homeowner. That has not really changed. It’s the American dream. That hasn’t changed. During the recession,
people were saying the American dream is dead. We’re no longer going to
be a society of homeowners. I think we’ve dis-proven
that in spades, and the builder
confidence shows that.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – NAHB CEO, Jerry Howard | FYI
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