[music playing] Another really
strong trend we’re seeing at Design and
Construction Week is around personalization
and customization. Closet organization, it
certainly is a personal need. We utilize a pretty
sophisticated design tool. As you’re sitting down with
a prospective designer, you can go through item per
item and design that space. You’ve got limitless
options in terms of what you can do to
maximize your storage, corner rounder systems, jewelry
tray inserts, full length– That’s really cool. –hideaway mirror,
additional hooks and hang-ups– CHRISTIAN MURPHY: The separator. That’s genius. BRIAN DOUGHERTY: [inaudible] EVETTE RIOS: OK, so elevators,
it seems like a very posh thing to have in a home. They’re not as expensive
as you might think. Homeowners in the
55-plus age group love their home
that they live in. You don’t have to leave
your home if steps or stairs become an obstacle. We can do any type of design
that you want with any type of finish that you want. Or you can purchase a
plain elevator from us and decorate it to
your heart’s content. EVETTE RIOS: Amazing. MIKE SUIDA: So–

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