[music playing] Technology is really having
an increasing role in our homes. It’s, like, mind blowing. What’s the biggest
trend you’re seeing as far as technology in the home? Instead of just being
a bunch of gadgets, I’m seeing where it
can actually help us. Your fridge is
talking to your stove, and the cook top
is also connected to a frying pan that
knows the temperature of the steak inside. So you’ll never burn
something again. Now that same technology
goes into showers and tubs. I can say, fill the
tub, 78 degrees. That’s technology. That’s incredible. You guys have, like, a
totally integrated shower. It’s fully digital
and integrated. It’s Wi-Fi connected
so you can control it from your smartphone. So we’re going to start a
scene that’s going to turn on all the devices at once. Alexa, good morning. So with that, the
lights turned on, and the blinds are
opening up behind us. You can see our water turned
on to our exact temperature and paused the water flow
waiting for you to get in so you’re not wasting water. This is the most amazing,
high-tech situation. It’s a great
shower experience.

All You Need to Know: Design and Construction Week – Smart Home Devices | FYI
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