Hi I’m Angel and I’m representing IDF right
now. Shlok had to be here but unfortunately he’s
travelling so I’m just filling in for him. Has anybody heard about. I had talked to shreya, she has. Has anybody heard about Interaction Design
Foundation. Also. Ever enrolled? Yeah. So basically this is a company based out of
Denmark. It’s a non-profit organization though they
do charge for their courses but they want to believe. They they want to promote education in such
a way that it is not too expensive for people. Obviously not everybody can afford like you
know going to NIFT-NID neither have I ever been to one. So they have this model where you. It’s a subscription model basically. You pay for a year and you take as many courses
as you want. And all the courses that they have more or
less design related where you can learn about psychology or more you work stuff right. I know a lot of people are from very various
design backgrounds here and you may actually find this interesting but the courses are
not the reason why we are here. A lot of us similar to these forums. The main reason that we are where we are right
now is because we have these monthly meet ups as a part of IDF. So what do we do is we have a local group
in every country and every city. People who have enrolled in IDF. They kind of have these small communities
where we come together. We meet we discuss about design all the courses
that we are doing and particularly in Delhi. What we do is we you know we reach out to
speakers like you guys and we have them they come talk about the specific topic or conduct
workshops with us where we have people from all different kinds of backgrounds they may
be people from design they may be people from product or tech. And what this does is it exposes us to a lot
more people. And. Like me personally initially I was the only
designer in my company and I was craving to you know actually talk about design to different
people but I had nobody to take these kind of meet ups actually help me meet more people. And I’m really happy that I got to meet you
guys today. And. So like in the beginning we had like a different
group for Gurgaon and a different group for Delhi and a different route for Noida. But the turn-up was like three people four
people. Which is kind of sad but eventually as word
got out we had more people joining like Nishant and Atul and Ankit. OK. And now we are a people of almost 300. So on an average our meet-ups happen to have
like around 40 to 50 people where we kind of have different topics. Anybody can come share what they’ve learned. This was one of the first meet ups that we
have sorry for the blurry image. This was that some basement we used to always
struggle to have a venue where we could you know host these events but 91 Springboard
happens to be like a blessing for us. So all I mean it does generally happen at
91springboard either Jandewala, Gurgaon or Noida and from sorry I think the photos are
gone anyway. So basically we used to be very small. Now we are big and this the only reason that
doesn’t happen is because a lot people were willing to give their free time to us especially
come and share their knowledge with us. And I would really love if you guys would
come share what you know teach us what you know. And. So last year it was our target to do like
one meetup a month. And we successfully completed twelve meet
ups in April which was. And which was one of the main one of the main
meetup that we have was a designathon which was a very big success because we tried to
follow the Google design script and we had like a six hour thing. You know we divided into groups and we tried
to combine that four day five day sprint into a one day thing and then we made it into a
competition also so people were like fun. So basically not just IDF, any community. The reason why we do what we do we don’t get
paid for this. Obviously this is this volunteer work. And we have full time jobs as well. So the reason we do this is because we get
to learn, obviously single person kitna hi padega akela. It’s always better to have people to talk
to get to learn. And it also gives you mentors like I never
had a senior guy you know to ask questions like How do I go about this. How do I go about that. But through IDF, I got to meet so many people
have like 10 15 20 years of experience and it always give you a sense of responsibility
and also a sense of belonging and Networking. I know a lot of you would be like students
or working. I’m not sure but it has helped my network
go to a point where. You know the recruiters or people who are
working they want. To look for more opportunities. So it has to be a built network. Also opportunities. And. Again like I said these were the parts of
the community that I. And they’re no cons to it obviously accept
that you know sometimes. Your weekend go really tight to organize these
things on a weekend so that more people can join it. So the only con is you’ll have to sacrifice
your weekend for this. But all in on I think the pros are more. And. So. Sorry for that. So. Since we started we had a lot of different
companies collaborate with us so we had people from UX Gorilla, Qualitis and Hacker io and
they specifically gave their venues or their leaders to come speak at our events and especially
Tarun at Quantis. He’s the CEO there he like the tremendous
response that he has let go of the knowledge that he has and we got the opportunity to
work with him. It has been amazing. And. Like I said venue was always a problem for
us but 91 Springboard has helped us. Throughout. And that’s it. If you have any questions. about IDF. Sorry it was super-short because it was a
very short notice

Angel and Nishant | Interaction Design Foundation
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