Housejoy – Building Better Homes, Faster. Commercial or house construction cannot begin
without the government approvals it requires. There is no escaping it and if one does, they will have to face penalties (in the form of prosecution and fines). Let’s help you understand what are connections and approvals you need before building a house or a commercial building. Construction License – This license grants you permission for your dream construction project. It is needed to ensure that the builder will
comply by all the set of instructions for the various phases of an under-construction
project. Building Plan Approval – This is needed once your plans are ready. Your building construction plans have to abide
by all building laws and need to be submitted for approval by the government. It is only when it is approved that you can begin your home construction or commercial building construction. Utilities Approval – These following are the connections required for your construction project: Electricity – For obvious reasons, a temporary electrical connection is needed for the execution of
your commercial or home construction. Once the construction is complete, the temporary connection will be converted to a permanent connection. Water – Another connection you require for your construction project is water. You need an approval for this connection as well. You won’t have to worry about taking care
of these approvals all by yourself as our experts will assist you to get them approved. All you have to do is get all the required
documents ready and hand it to us and we will take care of the government approvals and provide our top-of-the-line, hassle-free construction services. For free consultation
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Approvals Required for Building Construction

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