Art + design. If you love art. If
you’re creative and you dream big, we will put some expert in your creative. We
are able to take anybody and show them those technical skills to become a great
artist and then hopefully along the way we improve and teach them how to harness their creativity that made them want to the be an artist. Learn to create art at Kirtland. You will be taught to see your potential as your experiences grow you
will see how you can express yourself in the arts with confidence and
individuality. If your focus is an AAS and foundations in art and design, you
can emphasize in fine art and illustration or graphic design and
digital media. As a fine art and illustration student, you’ll be able to
delve into drawing, painting, illustration, including traditional, digital, and
medical illustration, sculpture functional art, and metal and jewelry
design. The options are all so open that even if you decide to do something like
medical illustration versus, you know, your own children’s book, you have those
options. If graphic design and digital media is calling your name, immerse
yourself in graphic design, interior design, product design, industrial design,
furniture design, and architectural design. Or, our certificate of completion
in graphic design will help you to develop the technical skills and mastery
of the newest technology to prime you for a graphic design career. Wherever you
are on your path to excelling in the art industry, we’re ready to meet you where
you are. We work with high school students in dual enrollment courses,
traditional college students, up-and-coming artists, returning students
ready to pursue their dreams, and lifelong learners wanting to do
something they love. Kirtland’s art program has what you need to realize
your dreams. If you want to continue your art training, our program has
partnerships with Kendall College of Art and Design and the College of Creative Studies. What we’re looking for in a transfer student – a really solid, technically savvy, you know, hard-working, disciplined artist or
designer, I always find at Kirtland. Since 2002, transfer students have earned
1 million dollars in scholarships in competitions these art colleges provide
for incoming students. Your degree will transfer to art departments and programs
throughout the state and the nation. At the same time, you’ll be gaining the
invaluable training you desire at a fraction of the cost. It’s more
affordable and you can get the basics of what you need here and it definitely
transfers to many other colleges. If you’re ready to jump into your art
career your training in our art programs will prepare you for the job market,
gallery representation, juried exhibitions and more. The success our
students and faculty have had locally, statewide and nationally is impressive.
We’ll help you create dynamic portfolios and pursue statewide recruitment by art
colleges and art businesses throughout Michigan. We’re proud to say we are one
of the strongest art programs in northern Michigan. Dream it. Do it. Are you ready? I would definitely recommend coming to Kirtland.

Art and Design
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