Are you planning to implement Onscreen Evaluation System for your Education institute or University? Are you aware of some of the key factors that will help you succeed while implementing the Onscreen Evaluation System? The onscreen Evaluation system is such a large scale system which impact various stakeholders like Examiners, Moderators, or Registrars, & it will help you to improve result processing of your education institution but, if you have not taken into consideration the ‘key aspects’ then your Onscreen Evaluation implementation might fail. so, today, I am going to discuss 5 key mistakes you should be avoiding, in order to succeed during the Onscreen Evaluation System. so, stay tuned! First key thing while implementing Onscreen Evaluation System would be the Pilot Phase. So, if you are starting implementation of such a large scale IT System, which is going to be used by many users, or there are many Stakeholders, then Pilot Phase is a key phase in order to succeed during the Onscreen Evaluation implementation. So, Pilot Phase is a phase where Mock Evaluation process is conducted, where the examiners are assigned some of the Mock Answer Sheets as well as the Moderators are asked to evaluate digital answer sheets using the Pilot Phase. So, the Pilot Phase definitely helps you to understand, how the system works, what are the key strengths associated with the system? or how to use the system effectively. there are various institutes or universities who have implemented Onscreen Evaluation System, but they have skipped the pilot phase. so, because of that process, they have experienced, key failures while implementing the Onscreen Evaluation System. So, if you are planning to implement Onscreen Evaluation System, for, digital evaluation of answer-sheets, then, you must take care of the Pilot Phase. So, The Pilot Phase will definitely help to improve the acceptability of a large scale IT System like OSM Another key aspect wile implementing, Onscreen Evaluation System would be providing hands-on training for the Evaluators or Moderators or the University Registrars. So, the training phase will definitely help the Stakeholders of the IT system to understand the system in a better way. So, while implementing the Onscreen Evaluation, there has to be Demo videos or Pilot videos should be available for the Examiners or Evaluators, so that they can understand how this IT System works. So, while implementing Onscreen Evaluation System, if you try to skip the training phase, which is a very critical phase of the OSM, so, in that case, Examiners, or Moderators they will find it difficult to understand the system. so, acceptability of a new system will drastically reduce down if you try to skip the Pilot Phase. there are various educational institutions or universities who try to implement Onscreen Evaluation system without the implementation of the training phase or without conduction the various training sessions; that has resulted in the failure of the OSM implementation. so, the Training or Evaluation Phase is the Key to succeed during the Onscreen Evaluation Process. Another key thing during the Onscreen Evaluation Process would be, Providing Support during Onscreen Evaluation Process. Onscreen Evaluation Process is the simplification of the digital answer sheet evaluation so, there are hundreds of Examiners or Moderators, trying to log into the system from various locations. & during the evaluation phase, they should be provided with a 24/7 kind of support. If they face any kind of difficulty while accessing the Onscreen Evaluation System, then enough support should be available, so that they can resolve their queries in quick time. Onscreen Evaluation implementation provided by Splashgain where we provide 24/7 technical support. where if any Examiner or moderator is stuck while Evaluating the digital copies or the answer sheets, then, all those queries are resolved during the instant time! there are various supports like Live chat or telephonic support available, which will definitely help to improve overall simplification of the Onscreen evaluation process. There are various Education institutes or Universities which try to implement such a large scale system, but, they fail to provide enough support during Onscreen Evaluation implementation, so, that might result in a failure of the OSM implementation. 24/7 support or instant support is the key to succeed during Onscreen Evaluation Implementation. Another key thing while implementing onscreen evaluation process would be Digital Storage of the Answer sheets. There are various university norms or government norms, where you need to store the copies of student answer sheets for a period of 3 to 5 years. so while implementing Onscreen Evaluation system, there is a process where physical answer sheet copies are scanned and those are stored in a digital format. so, a proper backup mechanism has to be taken care while storing such answer sheets. If you fail to implement the backup process, or there is not enough secure backup mechanism, and there are cases, where the system is attacked by the hackers, then, you might lose the digital copies of the answer sheets. That might definitely create issues if any particular student files an RTI, and you don’t have a copy of the Answersheet, then there might be an issue associated with that for the universities. While implementing Onscreen Evaluation system, there has to be a proper mechanism ready enough to have a backup of the digital answer sheet storage. That will definitely help you to succeed while implementing Onscreen Evaluation Process. Another key factor while implementing Onscreen Evaluation System would be, taking continuous feedback from the various stakeholders, like the Examiners or Evaluators, or Moderators. Those are the key stakeholders who are going to use the system on a continuous basis. So, if they are facing any kind of difficulty, or, if they are providing any kind of suggestion related to feature upgrade, or user interfacing propane, then those key factors should be taken into consideration. Continuous feedback mechanism, will definitely help to improve the acceptibility of the system; and that will also improve the satisfaction associated with the various stakeholders like the Examiners or Evaluators. If you are going to have a continuous feedback system, while implementing the Onscreen Evaluation Process, then that will definitely help you to quickly generate Examination Results, after completion of the examination process. So, to conclude, Onscreen Evaluation System will definitely help you adopt technology, for improving result processing or result generation; & if you try to avoid the 5 key mistakes, that are shown on the screen, then that will definitely help you to adopt best practices associated with Online Evaluation Implementation. We are working with many education institution or universities, who have adopted Onscreen Evaluation System, developed by Splashgain. & which is helping them to generate results in a record 8 Days! So, without using such technology, they used to take almost 45 days for implementation or for the generation of the results. so, that is definitely helping them to reduce the cost associated with the result processing. and the life of the Moderators or Examiners has also improved. because the Moderators or Examiners are able to evaluate Answer sheets sitting at any location in a secure manner. Advanced security practises implemented in Onscreen Evaluation System are helping to provide access only to Authorised Examiners or Moderators. so, if you want to have a demo of our Onscreen Evaluation System or, if you want to understand the best practices adopted by our organization, then definitely, you can connect with us for the demo purpose.

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