– This is Bucket’s
list of fun facts for rebuilding the resistance. Finally, a visit to Dantooine. [ELECTRONIC WHOOSH] – This is Dantooine. – Dantooine was first mentioned
in “Star Wars, A New Hope.” – Where is the rebel base? – Dantooine. On Dantooine. – And it was seen from space
in “Star Wars, Rebels.” But this is the first
time we’ve actually see the planet’s surface. Better late than never. Hugh’s homecoming. – Hey. No drooling on my ship. – Hugh! Buddy! – This episode marks the return
of Hugh Sion, Kaz’s wingmate from the very first
episode of the series. He was once again played by
actor Sam Witwer, who also voiced Darth Maul in “Star
Wars, The Clone Wars,” “Star Wars, Rebels” and
“Solo, A Star Wars Story.” Rest assured, he was definitely
a nicer guy than Maul. Collection on display. – You wanted to see
me, Agent Tierny? – In Agent Tierny’s
office, we see a collection of
different blasters showing that she’s a highly
trained weapons expert. This is quite
different than Grand Admiral Thrawn’s
office decorations– art from around the galaxy. We do not want to see
what the Emperor collects. Resistance transports to safety. – Great work, team. Time to get these
shuttles airborne. – The Resistance transports were
created just for this episode. They feature a
rounded look, which contrasts the more threatening
design of First Order shuttles. Which do you think looks cooler? – All shuttles and
escorts jump now. [SHIPS WHIRRING PAST] [LASER GUNFIRE] – Check out “Star Wars
Resistance” on Disney XD and Disney Channel.

Bucket’s List: “Rebuilding the Resistance” – Star Wars Resistance
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