(upbeat music) – [David] With each passing day. – [Donna] Well, we’re doing very well. We obviously have the
buildings are coming up. We can kind of see what it looks like. – [David] City Park is taking shape. Check out the progress from
April to October of this year. – But there’s a lot of
work that’s gone into it in order to get, this is a park. And so a lot of what goes
on is actually underground. So getting the irrigation
in, making sure that we can get the trees planted
at the right time of the year. So all of that work has been done. – Upgrades include two
new playground areas with ADA compliant playground equipment, a splash pad, pavilion
improvements, new restrooms, and a games and grilling area. One of the most visible changes here is the new amphitheater. We expect to attract more
concerts and festivals in the future here at City Park. – And we sat down as a
staff, and as a group, all of us sat down and brainstormed. What kind of festivals can we host here? Music festivals, art
festivals, plays in the park. And then the amenities
that are added to the park with our water features,
and the small children’s play areas, and bigger kid’s play areas. It just makes it to where the whole community can come here and enjoy it. – [David] Mayor George
Haehn, Council members, and the Parks Commission
got an up close and personal look at the progress during
a recent tour of City Park. – If we can get the high
schools to come down and put plays on here in
the park in the evenings where people could sit out here on this beautiful pavilion lawn
and just enjoy the show. – [David] Mayor Haehn says
the new and improved City Park is just one element in
a much larger picture that includes tying in the
neighboring Garison Park land that the City purchased in 2016. In addition, there are
plans to connect the future John D. and Byrd Mims
Garison Memorial Park with City Park and Stage Coach
Park through a trail system. – And once we get Garison park completed, and do those nature trails and all of the activities we have at Garison, it’s gonna be like outdoor adventure area, entertainment area, wine dine and shop. And it’s all gonna incorporate everything. – [David] City Park is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2020. – [George] It has always been
that diamond in the ruff, but once we get this bad bear polished it’s gonna be a diamond that shines throughout North Hays County. (upbeat music)

Buda City Park Update – Nov. 27, 2019
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