other than building the perfect social
media profile flattering photos funny yet relatable captions videos of
dogs that’s until I met Emily Pilloton she showed me that anyone can build I’m
not wired to work in an office I’m not wired to do work that I don’t get to put
my name on so when I was 26 I quit and I founded a non-profit and I’ve
been doing that work ever since and that’s the way that I fell in love with
architecture and building and also the way I came to understand who I am as a
person and I think every young person deserves to have experiences like that
Emily created a place called Girl’s Garage in Berkeley California where
she’s teaching young girls to build confidence in themselves through
engineering and math let’s build I have to say this place is incredible
well this is a place where we teach carpentry welding architecture and
screen printing classes to young girls we do all kinds of awesome building
projects together so what are we going to build today so I thought it was
fitting that if we’re talking about tools and girl power and power tools we
need our very own toolbox it’s a great first project because it promotes even
more building but it’s also a really cool object that helps us understand the
basics of how things are put together I think that learning how to build
things is a great way for girls to build both physical confidence in their bodies
as well as connecting math and science and other STEM skills to something real
something tangible that lives in the world so before we do anything though
anytime we’re in a shop we got to do a safety check safety glasses check long
pants check close toed shoes check hair tied back check do not ever operate tools
unless you have an adult supervisor buddy present who knows how to operate them
safely lucky for me I do so we’re gonna do this let’s do it so the first step for really any project is to measure out and cut our pieces out
of wood you obviously know a lot about building what got you interested in it
to begin with when I was a teenager I had this awesome opportunity to travel
to Central America with a group of other teenagers and we built a gazebo and this
whole town park area and it was through that project that I learned that I love
building and I’m really good at it and it was something that I wanted to do
really for the rest of my life at first these tools seem scary but the motto at
Girl’s Garage is Fear Less Build More and trust me if I can do it so can you with my first cut made Emily tries to stump me with a
question why can’t I just measure 16 and a half and then 12 and then 12 and cut
them all out when I cut them all at once so why can’t we do that if I had to
guess it’s because since that’s an eighth of an inch we are gonna lose some wood on
either side of that measurement right you’re a natural yep so if we had done
that our last cut would end up a quarter of an inch short you’re using a lot of
math here absolutely every single decision we’re making
here has some kind of mathematical justification
how does building something like this help you in other aspects of life I
think you learn so much from building when things don’t go quite the way you
expect and we have to figure out how to make it work okay this one’s for all the
glory this one’s for all my fans all two of them mom and dad here we go mission accomplished alright now you have to fill it with your own tools and go build more stuff
I’m planning on doing that right now I’ve got a whole apartment that needs a lot of help in New York City thanks to Emily Pilloton for showing me that with a little math
and engineering I can build confidence in myself great
job thank you you

Building Confidence with Girls Garage | Mission Unstoppable Garage

One thought on “Building Confidence with Girls Garage | Mission Unstoppable Garage

  • October 5, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    What a wonderful teacher to teach young girls projects to give them confidence.

    I want to help young girls learn how to sew like I was taught by my mom and grandmother to give them confidence on being who they are and designing their own clothing to be different and stand out in a crowd . I would love to hear your feedback on how to get started.


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