Hello everyone, I’m Liu Tong. I’m a Global Account Manager at FINALCAD. My role in the company is to bring digital
transformation to all the Chinese international contractors. This Sturdee project is a 30-storey, high-end condominium project in the center of Singapore. We use FINALCAD for our structure inspection
and architectural inspection. With a smart solution such as FINALCAD, we can centralize all our data and share with all our projects. Then we get value from the big data analysis. On site, we can easily find our drawings,
either by directly choosing the related area in the app, or by scanning the corresponding QR code. This FINALCAD, since our project started,
is quite convenient for us to use, and easy for our consultants and engineers. By using FINALCAD, I can quickly find the
required information directly on my phone. First, this allows us to save time. Then, it reduces costs,
and finally, the operational efficiency of our team is certainly boosted. The efficiency improvement is difficult to
estimate, but I think that we can improve by at least
50%. FINALCAD technical team always come on site and conduct trainings to our new staff and new contractors. So far we are satisfied. Actually, I think that the digital transformation is a long journey, now is just the beginning. We’ve been in this industry for quite a long time, of course we want new methods like FINALCAD. We improve our productivity, we improve our quality, efficiency, so we can get more competitive in the near future. We have changed the mindset of some of our customers, we are leading innovation in Singapore. In the future, we will try to use smart solutions
such as FINALCAD, even the BIM and everything to our projects in the region. We are pushing for the digital transformation
in our company.

China Construction spearheads smart construction in Singapore with FINALCAD
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