The clean infrastructure Rolly credit
program is a new program that has been initiated at the ministry of natural gas
development the program is designed as an incentive to increase the use of
clean technology and to support the development of innovative solutions to
reduce the environmental impacts of the natural gas sector the approach in
implementing the program was innovative because we had to do some changes to our
regulations to ensure that these types of environmental improvement projects
could be considered under our existing loyalty program regime the clean
infrastructure royalty credit program is a partnership with industry so they put
together the program or the project that will reduce emissions and then we offer
them a partnership by giving them royalty deductions for up to fifty
percent of the cost of the program or the project and Kanna wanted to
participate in the program as we saw it as an opportunity to implement some
early action on some older sites where retrofitting naturally wouldn’t be a
strong economic project on its own so this incentive really helps out with
that there are a few different technologies that the clean
infrastructure royalty credit program was supporting in its pilot year
specifically there were things like solar pumps high bleed too low bleed
pneumatic device changes vent gas capture systems and instrument error
systems our retrofit program is on a scaleable operation where we will swap
out many of these devices across a couple hundred sites to reduce methane
emissions the program is really important to the reduction of greenhouse
gas emissions because methane is a really potent greenhouse gas and the oil
and gas sector releases a significant amount of methane that contributes to
our overall GHG emissions for the province the pilot program was focused
on reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector
but under our enabling legislation were able to focus on other environmental
outcomes including reduced water usage land usage those sorts of things so
we’re hoping to both expand the program to focus on more projects on greenhouse
gas reductions but also looking at other environmental outcomes as well you

Clean Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program
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