Infrastructure design
has a key role to play in the decarbonization
of the built environment. The carbon footprint of infrastructure is a big part
of the national carbon footprint. Infrastructure designers
have to move away from the traditional thinking
about designing infrastructure. A low carbon infrastructure
is very much about low carbon materials, efficient design and so on, but most important is this concept
that an infrastructure asset is a capital cost and carbon investment that is going to enable
a much more efficient, low carbon operation of our society
for many years to come. Lower carbon means also lower cost, whether it is in the capital part
of the project or for the operational efficiency
of the asset once it is finished. When working with carbon reduction
on infrastructure projects, priority number one has to be
a set target that everybody agrees with. It’s not a job for the carbon manager
to achieve the target. It is something that has to be agreed
and adhered to by the whole team. The big opportunities, the great ideas,
the innovation, the different design is going to come from the team together.

Construction Climate Talks episode 23 – Heleni Pantelidou
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