Up until now, we’ve only been sketching
on our main three planes or grids – our top plane, our front plane or
our right plane as well as any existing planar surfaces. Any flat
surfaces, such as this or this we could sketch on as well. But in many
cases we’ll find that we need to create designs or create sketches on some more
complex or additional planes. To build up this simple bracket
component basic design, we could have just
used our basic or initial planes to do our sketches. However, all the components
shown in red may have been fairly difficult or even impossible to create
without the use of construction planes. Construction planes are any other
additional planes we may need to use to sketch and create on. We can create
construction planes and Construction axis about any geometry. So let’s start by creating that angled extrusion or that
hub about this edge. To add our construction planes,
I’m just going to “Add”, and I have Construction plane, Construction axis, I can add images and files as well. I’ll jump
into Construction plane. I have a whole number of different types of
planes that I can generate. In this case, I’m going to take a look at “Through edge
at an angle”, its first going to ask me to select an edge, axis or line. So in this
case, I’m going about this existing edge and then if I’m happy with my edge
selection I can tap “Next”. Then I need to select which angle about that edge I’d
like to be. So I can change my angle, I can see about that edge however I would
like. In this case, I’m gonna throw in -60 degrees. And now we can see
that was the exact angle I was hoping for this specific angled
extrusion of my hub. Now tap “Done”. I have this new plane
created, which is contained in the Items I have group of shapes that we’ve just taken a look at. I also have sketches and
construction geometry and it works very similar to the Group. So I have plane 01
by default, and will come in 02, 03 and so on. But I can rename these. I want to call this my “Angled plane” or , just to stay
organized. Now, I probably want to sketch about that plane. So again, I can just do
a double tap on the plane. And it will jump normal or orthogonal to that plane.
And now I can just start my sketch for my extrusions. I
want something like this. So just sketch something quick and easy. I can jump back into a 3D
view, take a look and see I’ve created that new sketch on this angled
plane. And of course, if I’d like to extrude it. I can now extrude this
just into my main body. So now I have a hub thrown in
here completely at some given angle. Once I’m happy with that hub I also
wanted to mirror it to the other side of my body. Right now I don’t
have any good mirror plane. So I’d like a mirror plan right in the
middle of my component. So again let’s try jumping in to “Add”, “Construction
plane” and check out other types. I have a very useful construction plane type
called the “Midplane”. So what the mid plane will do, it will ask me to select
two planar faces or planes – for example, this face and this face. And now we can see that it’s thrown in a
midplane or a plane parallel and right in the middle of these two other
parallel or planar faces. So that would be a perfect construction plane to use
as my mirror plane for this hub. Once happy with that, tap the “Done” check.
And now for example I can use my Mirror tools for this hub in this
plane. I want to copy, so I have it on both sides of my component.
And again tap that “Done” check once happy with that. So you can see that otherwise
without this Mirror plane or Construction plane, it would be almost
impossible to mirror this about the middle of my object.

Construction Plane Part 1 | Shapr3D for Beginners
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  • April 5, 2018 at 8:35 am

    这软件建模超级好用 支持

  • April 5, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Thanks this was helpful

  • May 22, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Question, when I constructed a plane, it doesn’t have grid on it. How do you turn the grid on on construction plane?


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