The city’s gonna grow. It has to be able to have the facilities,
you know, in place: The water, the sewer, the different
services that that need to be upgraded. I’m the owner of Guildwood Lighting and Fireside. Our business has been here since 1963.
My father started it. We enjoy being downtown.
We’re at the center of the city, which is great. Our customers can come,
you know, pretty much from anywhere. With the road improvements and better access to utilities, it’s gonna be good for this part of town. Get an upgrade. Get a redressing of the of the street,
the cracked sidewalks will be repaired and The potholes will be non-existent anymore. Our customer base, we’ve had for years and years, know how to get here. Our decorators know how to get here. Our transport drivers – not so much – our delivery people. We have an agreement with COPS up the street to drop some of our larger loads that come in on transport. Even the construction guys have helped,
you know, they make sure that the traffic’s out of the way their
cars are parked out of the way so that our delivery guys can get in here. You know, if everybody can work together. Find out who’s got access, you know, who
wouldn’t mind if delivery got sent to them. Take interest in what’s happening. I go out there, you know, I want to see
what’s going on. They have it planned, and they have it structured, and they have it scheduled, so. And if you have a question, you know,
the guys are accessible. You’ll get to know who, who’s
kind of run the show, and they’re always you know, able to answer your questions
or take time to to hear you out if you have a if you have an issue

Core Construction | Interview with Business Owner Joel Dodd
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