it is called a digital twin and it represents a new era in simulation a new world of predictability a promising new tool for engineering the future a digital twin is a complete virtual prototype of an entire system a working system in a real-world environment a complex system integrating multiple engineering disciplines requiring systems level simulation know-how that only an sis can deliver our customers are now deploying digital twins to manage the entire lifecycle of their products exponentially increasing efficiencies over time unlocking additional value from existing assets dramatically lowering maintenance and operating costs using physics and analytics to eliminate unplanned downtime data driven digital twins created with an sis solutions can adapt and respond to different and fast changing environmental or operating conditions this one-to-one mapping creates a real-time relationship allowing engineers to make immediate Corrections to their systems optimizing performance providing engineering insight that can be applied to rapidly accelerate the design of new products in the near future digital twins will be commonplace in most industries as a means to predict and avoid product failure failures that could jeopardize not just a product's performance but a company's profitability and future they are called digital twins and they are empowering the industrial Internet of Things helping the most innovative companies in the world to engineer the future

Creating a Digital Twin with ANSYS
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