how do you redefine an icon push harder dig deeper you go above and beyond you capture its fairy essence then you reimagine it you design engineer and build it without compromising until you’ve created a vehicle that’s absolutely at the moment introducing Land Rover Defender capable of great things with a reassuringly recognizable silhouette compelling proportions and a go anywhere do anything attitude everything about this vehicle exudes quiet confidence you can choose between having either a 90 or 110 body design both are world-class experts off an on-road the characterful design of the LED headlights provides undoubted modernity solid shoulders and powerful squared off wheel arches communicate the vehicles purposeful stance it’s unique monocoque architecture helps to create a vehicle that doesn’t just look tough it is tough short overhangs great ground clearance and upright front and rear elevations give credence to the vehicles capabilities the side opening tailgate with externally mounted full-size spare wheel points to Defenders distinctive nature and baiting the cabin with natural light the optional sliding panoramic roof provides a spacious feel to the interior or on the 90 choose the folding fabric roof which lets you truly feel part of your surroundings the alpine lights a nod to the original defender flood the cabin with more light and provide a view to the outside defenders interior is every millimeter as contemporary as its exterior exposed structural surfaces including the cross car beam are finished in a highly durable textured powder coat and are available in a variety of colors choose between a cabin walkthrough or a front jump seat or select a front center console with or without a refrigerator you also have a choice of five six seats in the 90 or up to seven in the 110 ensuring the space can be configured any number of ways including yours functional load space capacity and clever stowage provides ample room for all of your gear in the second row there’s also plenty of leg room to provide even more comfort and with two body designs for accessory packs and six models to choose from it’s the ultimate personalization capable of great things this is Land Rover Defender there couldn’t be anything else [Music]

Der neue Defender | Design

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