The aim was to explore what the future
might be for creatives, what the future might be for society, from all their
different perspectives. We started out framing a problem, the
facilitator drew us all together, and did a mind mapping style process where we
put all our ideas down. The process itself took people on a journey that not
only thought about the problems of today, but helped them connect that to the past.
The invention of new IP, and the discovery of new ideas is a very hard
thing to do, and it’s only when you set out on an adventure like I did in the
learning new material, and putting together new approaches to address
challenges that our society is having, do you understand how fundamentally
difficult it is. A design fiction is an imagined space in the future that has in
this case been brought about by people’s understanding and their different
perspectives on the present, and it’s them saying this is what we imagine the
future might be.

Designing Futures
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