My name is Nat Clymer. I’ve been teaching as a part time lecturer
at Rutgers since about 2002 or 2003. I’m teaching a photojournalism class in the
Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the School of Communication and Information. One of the things that I think is very important
when you are learning photography, which makes it very different from most other courses
at the University, is that you really need to be doing a lot, you need to be taking a
lot of pictures, and really learning from your mistakes, which in my mind is learning
about how they are influenced by photographs not just about to take photographs. I think the most aspect of the course from
the students perspectives is the feedback they get from their peers on their photographs. By using the Sakai platform, and working with
the instructional designers, I was able to put in a module where the students could be
sharing their work with other people, with their peers, and where they could be grading
each others’ photographs. I have found that it’s very important to work
with an instructional designer because they have a different perspective on what I need
to be teaching and what the students are really going to be able to learn. They can give me a pedagogical perspective
on how to make the course better each semester. Over the years that I’ve been using Sakai,
I’ve probably worked with four different instructional designers and they all have been incredibly
helpful because I’ve had an idea of what I wanted to do in the class and how I wanted to
platform to work and they were able to implement those ideas into the platform. It’s been a really wonderful experience because
the instructional designer is giving me a lot of input in terms of other ways to look
at things and other ways to grade that I think are going to make it much easier over the
long-run for me to continue to do the teaching that I really enjoy doing at Rutgers.

Designing Online Learning Activities For the Creative Arts
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