Manufacturing consumer electronics is a challenging task customers are demanding affordable devices with increasingly individual and powerful features which are produced with the highest quality and an extremely short cycles the key becoming a digital enterprise to meet the market requirements this means integrating and digitalising the entire value chain and creating a powerful digital twin of product production and performance of real production and real product the digital twin merges the virtual with the real world the digital twin product enables manufacturers to design simulate and verify products digitally to manage embedded software and also develop integrated electrical and electronic systems this concludes the specification of the product all the data is then used for the creation of the digital twin production manufacturers can plan and validate their production process create the layout and select the equipment and simulate predict and optimize working conditions for humans and the manufacturing assembly processes after automatic generation of the PLC code virtual commissioning allows validation of the automation in the virtual world which enables fast and efficient commissioning on-site next virtual becomes real the PLC code is transferred to the devices on the shop floor totally integrated automation enables efficient and secure production and somatic IT allows scheduling and execution of work operations and quality inspections monitoring of all machines everywhere and anytime with mine sphere enables the creation of the digital twin of performance of production and product this makes it possible to analyze and evaluate the performance of the real production and of the real product this allows feeding back insights to continuously optimize the digital twin of product and production this leads to the continued improvement of production and the product in the real world unlocking the full potential of a digital Enterprise is only possible with a digital enterprise suite our comprehensive and unique portfolio of industrial software and automation Seamans ingenuity for life

Digital Enterprise Suite- Digital twin for the electronics industry

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