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up right now. What is up D3 fam! Welcome to this episode of D3 In this episode I will give you updates for
the Disneyland Resort for the month of the September. First
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member of the D3 family. Alright D3 fam like I said is the month of September
already the year is almost over. It’s the beginning of the fall season here at the
Disneyland Resort. This month I’ll give you some more updates on the update on a new
pedestrian walkway over the parking structure as well as some the stuff
that’s going on here at the Disneyland Resort of course I’ll give you guys an update on a
new Avengers Campus over at California Adventure. But as you can see behind me
Oogie Boogie right behind me up there over the entry to California Adventure
you know it’s the holiday season it’s a time for Halloween so I’m going to
check some of that stuff out and some other things also in the Disneyland Park. Let’s go Alright D3 fam the first update of
the day is the new elevator that’s going up over here at Mickey and friends parking
structure right next to that is the existing one. It’s a welcome sight for
all you parents out there people who need have wheelchair needs
and things like that and hopefully it will be open by hopefully earlier next
year so we’ll keep you updated on the progress in this area let’s go to our
next update. Alright D3 fam here’s your update on the
new pedestrian bridge going from the new Pixar Pals parking structure across
towards Downtown Disney. Looks like it’s almost done hopefully it’ll be opened by
the end of this month which is September so great news for you guys who would like to
just walk across the street and avoid the trams here at the Mickey and Friends
slash Pixar Pals parking structure just
walk over towards Downtown Disney and go through the security over there.
So hopefully by next month it should be completely opened for you. So
let’s go to our next update. Alright D3 fam the first major update we
have over here at Disneyland is of course the removal of the french fry
rocks at the entrance of Tomorrowland. You see right there they’re moving at
that. I think thing I’ll just expand the
walkway have more room for traffic which is awesome here but hopefully hopefully
this is a precursor for the early renovation of Tomorrowland.
With that being said let’s go to our next update. Alright D3 fam
a quick update on a Matterhorn bobsleds as you know portions of the rock had collapse
about a month or so ago I don’t know who it was due to the earthquake recently
but that’s just a rumor probably just play loose plaster but
they’re back still repairing the side of the mountain with that being said I
guess the Fantasyland side of the ride not working. So I think only the
Tomorrowland inside of the Matterhorn Bobsleds is working right now. So again
that’s the Matterhorn bobsleds I think only one portion of the ride
is still opened right now until this portion is fixed. Let’s go to our next
update Alright D3 fam our next update we
have here at Disneyland is the update on a Haunted Mansion.
Unfortunately the Haunted Mansion is closed probably until September 6 when
it reopens as a Haunted Mansion holiday Which is one of the most popular
attractions here at the Disneyland Resort. This time of year as you know they merge
Halloween with Christmas you know with Jack the Pumpkin King. Comes here
during this time of year which is really awesome very good attraction. I highly
recommend you guys get a fast pass when it opens up here. Again folks the Haunted
Mansion will be closed until September 6 afterwards will be open again as a
Haunted Mansion holiday now let’s go to our next update. Alright D3 fam
the latest update from the Disneyland side of the resort. Now let’s walk over to the California
Adventure side and see the updates they have over there let’s go.
Alright D3 fam, here’s the first update from the California Adventure
side we’re at the Buena Vista Street red trolley car station. You see they
still doing some renovations right here we don’t know that estimated timetable
when this is gonna be done so I’ll keep you guys updated probably monthly,
as usual on a progress on this project let’s go to our next update here at
California Adventure Alright D3 unfortunately I have some bad news for your guys. This is probably the saddest update of the day
or the month possibly of year the Soarin over California attraction is no
longer here guess what they brought back? Soarin around the world to mix reactions
of course. I’m personally love the Soarin over California version of this
attraction i say you should keep the Soarin around the world version in Florida and
just redo the Soarin over California here in California. Just re shoot up to today’s standards, but with that being said folks again at the beginning of this month September
today as a matter of fact the Soarin around the world attraction is back in
place of the classic Soarin over California. With that being said folks let’s go to
our next attraction. Alright D3 fam here we are on our
next update here the Disney California Adventure here is the new
marquee for the Mickey’s Philaharmagic attraction here on Buena VIsta street in
California Adventure. Looks amazing folks well time will spent on this project right
here looks really classy and everything like that we’re gonna go inside
take a look at the how the improvements were made in this section especially in the eating
area right now. Let’s go check it out. Like I said D3 fam this is a new
entry to the Mickey’s Philharmagic attraction here at the Disneyland Resort
here at California Adventure looks really amazing they really re-worked
this area really nicely have like the red carpet effect here on the concrete
and the seating area is really awesome as well. Everybody did a good job in this
area. You have the movie posters over here displaying the classic Disney
attractions the new attractions. Right here next to the exterior have the
ceiling fans going too. A really good addition here really awesome they
really spent some time and effort put in this area. Let’s go to the next update.
Alright D3 fam my next and most exciting update we have is from the
northeast corner of the construction of Avengers Campus here at the California
Adventure. As you can see they have some more stuff going up over the wall right
there you can probably see some of the construction work right over there a little bit. They still
have the construction wall up a little you might be able to see something from
the south western portion of the construction . You might get a bit more view of
the spider-man attraction. We’re gonna go over there check that section out right
now. Alright D3 fam this is the last update of the day. Here we are at California Adventure
looking at the southwest portion of the construction of Avengers
Campus here at California Adventure. As you can see they making progress on the
new spider-man attraction right in front of us right there and you can see in the
background move over a little bit you can see the Guardians of the Galaxy tower right
there. I’m gonna put a link up for you guys
look at the review I have from the D23 Expo last week, or I should say last month. I
have exhibit they have for the new Avengers Campus it looks really
amazing you guys should check it out. I’ll put the link up there for
you guys to look at. There’s some more activity you can see in the back more
construction going up in this area we will find hopefully later on this month
or next month get a better update on the progress of this attraction but that
being said folks let’s go to the next some update. Will folks there you
have it. That’s your update from the Disneyland Resort for the month of September. As
you can see there are a lot of big changes going on here the resort still a
lot of construction going on a lot of big surprises going on too you know. Be sure you can catch the electrical parade before it ends at the end of the month I believe. And you know hey Halloween start pretty soon, so I’m pretty
sure I’ll probably be covering that in my October updates and you know folks,
my next episode I’ll probably shooting from Orlando Florida from Disney World
and give you an update from there and also remember to catch my new
series starting soon my comparison stories my D3 versus series. D3V to
be exact. That’s when I compare my new rides and attractions from Disneyland
and Disney World. With that being said folks this concludes this episode of D3 thanks agian for watching. As usual feel free to leave a comment
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Disneyland Resort Monthly / Construction Update September 2019!

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  • September 2, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    At Disney’s California Adventure, coming very soon, could we replace it to Soarin’ Across America?

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    We got to experience Soarin over CA Fri & Sat and over the World on Sun. before we left. Soaring across America would be cool. 😎

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