(gentle piano music) (upbeat guitar music) – There are roughly 31,000
high schools in America. 99.5% of those schools
are doing things very much exactly the same way. And that works for some students but that worked for most of us and now here we are as teachers. But times have changed.
Things are different. We’ve asked you to do something that hasn’t been done
before in Memphis we don’t know everything,
as a matter of fact we know very little
in the scheme of how this whole thing will
unfold over time. – I think that this model
says that you have to iterate, and iterate, iterate. Easy answers don’t leave room for “perfection”. – Okay, I’m Mr.
“Punctual” Pryor. This is
– [Students] Quincy – Quincy – This is
– [Students] Parker – Perfect, Parker. I mean, every first day
is a day you freak out. You’re trying to understand
what’s going on, right? You gotta find your balance. Basically those first weeks
in any teaching situation is finding that balance and I
think that’s very important. It’s hard, it’s not easy and you have to be there
with them in the thick of it. – [Bertram] We are building
out a physical space. It lended itself to
the group developing like a family very quickly
and I’m excited to see how that bond influences
getting their work done. – I think the key to
our success long-term is going to be for
each of us to say, “I don’t know.” We cannot, under
any circumstance,
revert to the norm. (uplifting strings music) To revert to the comfortable. We can’t go back to: let’s
put the desk in rows, let’s give some
grades and process it just like we did 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago. But we have 150 students
all with diverse background, different interests,
and different skills. And we need to figure
out how to connect with each of those students
and personally elevate each of their stories
and elevate each of their talents and successes. (students cheer loudly)

Diverse By Design | Episode 1: First Week of School
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