ok everyone welcome to your 3k ed a
month of blueprint so we’re going to get into some basic things that you can do
to get started to help your business get going you know what you need to do to
get leads and sales so let me pull up this document right here so the first
thing you want to do is be consistent if I can’t give you anything else you’ve
got that to be consistent in your business that means you don’t post
Monday Tuesday skip Wednesday post Thursday I don’t feel like working
Friday Saturday I’m out partying Sunday maybe outposts that doesn’t work guys
you have to be consistent you know especially especially when when you are
you know first getting started and building your credibility online so if
you have social media accounts use those you’ll have all I have Facebook
Instagram Twitter I’m not that active on Twitter I use that primarily to share my
YouTube videos but if you have a Twitter account utilize it you to Craigslist
Craigslist does charge so we have some updated training for that down below
it’s $5 for the gig section now and it’s pretty good at producing some leads but
whatever social media is if you’re using snapchat that’s great also make sure
you’re doing at least 2 to 3 Facebook elapsed per week and then you want to be
adding 5 to 10 new friends and you want to add some entrepreneurs but the thing
about adding other entrepreneurs is they may not join your business but they’re
going to come and add value to your posts they’re going to comment your
posts they’re gonna like on your posts keep keeps your posts active in the
newsfeed so you will see a lot of people talking about posting and work from home
groups myself and Micah do not believe in that
I find that it’s a complete waste of time I’ve been marketing on online for
years and I have not had any results from wasting my time posting in facebook
groups what I use work from home Facebook groups for are to add people
you know and people of value to my page so like I going to a work
from home group and you know I see some of the members in there and you know our
shoot I’m a friend request because you should be adding 5 to 10 friends per day
so let’s just go in here I’m just going to use this for an example what I do is
and you’ll see everybody’s got these boring ads up that no one really
responds to so say I’ll come in here I’ll look at the members and you know
maybe I’ll go to this person’s page if I like what they have on their page you
know I go send them a friend request and also send them a message is very rude
and it will actually help you get noticed it will help build your we start
building a relationship with the person so say this Michael Dunbar guy I will go
to this page see if he’s somebody I wanted to be friends with I send him a
friend request and I send them a message hey Michael I see you were and promotes
your business free traffic I’d love to connect with you hope you have a great
day that send them a message like that’s something to that nature you know and
leave it at that and then more than likely he’ll respond and you’ll start to
be able to build a relationship also the things that you want to post our
lifestyle value post you know and be yourself too though you know don’t don’t
copy what someone else does you know you’ll see once you become my friend I’m
very colorful on my page everyone can’t pull off some of the things that I do
but I post pictures I try not to post too many pictures they don’t get as much
engagement the other thing that I will speak on is be sure that you respond to
everyone that comments on your post you know you need to be interacting with
other people as you interact with them they are going to come back and interact
with you you guys see I I average and this is actually a low post I Evers
between 75 to 150 likes and comments on my post and that’s because I engage with
others so down below a couple videos down you’re gonna see a video that I’ve
done and it’s a set of four it’s titled how to maximize your Facebook and
so make sure that you take your time and go through there go through that a
couple times because as you start adding these friends you know and like I said
connect with five to ten people if you can handle 10 to 15 per day that’s even
better but you don’t just want to add these people you want to be adding you
know you want to build relationships with them I’m not saying you have to
hold a conversation or ask the person to marry you but those are the things that
you need to do to get start getting your page and noticed and building a rapport
so another big key thing is make sure that you’re doing personal development
every day every morning you know I get up I get my coffee I read my Bible and
then I listen to Eric Thomas or Les Brown or Gary Vee I listen to something
that adds some value to my life and just helps me get start off my day with the
right mindset you know your mindset is gonna be key to to the longevity of your
business and that’s really really important because a lot of people that
are new you don’t know the online marketing strategies and you don’t have
a lot of tips so social proof or things like that and so if you’re working on
personal development that’s going to give you the things that you need you
know you’re going to hear something some type of quote or something during you
this motivational that you’re listening to motivational video or whatever it is
that you do every morning you’re going to hear something and then you can come
on your page and you know like let me see here you know I was listening to
something and well this was from something else but you know it was just
something that came to my mind boring and predictable it’s not a good look and
so while we’re on there don’t let your page be bore no one should be able to
know the very exact time that you post every day the very thing you’re going to
say every day you’ll see a lot of people that come on and say good morning blah
blah blah can’t get a good morning bad and they do that every day that’s not
something that you want to do you know when you step up into the business world
here we are in essence we are kind of actors and actresses you know and you
got to keep your audience entertained so that’s your responsive
so those are the things that you were some of the things you want to do you
know be sure to be sure to be patient with yourself this this does not happen
overnight some people come on and they say they make a sale the very first day
or the next day or within their first week for others it takes time you know
some of you guys may be shy you might have a problem reaching out to people
those are all things when you’re doing personal development that are you know
you’re going to start to overcome some of those things so also a great great
great way to get leads for your business is to do Facebook lives and YouTube
videos you know at the $50 level you’re going to get Instagram training I run
five Instagram accounts and let when I say I’m consistent you know you’ll see
here across all five of them I make sure I post one time a day you don’t need to
be posting three to five times a day one picture is enough once you build your
audience up you know people start to look for you on Facebook I never post
more than three times a day and when you start getting numbers like
I get you know 60 70 people and I’ve got over 80 comments going on this your
posts start to overlap but that will be an in that other video that you know you
make sure you listen to that one but make sure that you’re coming on you’re
doing the things that you need to do in your facebook Alive’s you don’t have to
necessarily show your face you can share your screen if you’re camera shy I have
a video you know 10 tips how to overcome camera shyness
but people want to work with those that they know like and trust in facebook
lives and YouTube videos are the best way to build that rapport with people so
say like in this video I wasn’t even talking about my business but you don’t
have to show your face you can share your screen so maybe you’ll come on and
you’ll do a Facebook live you know and show people you know your website and
this is my new business blah blah blah you know you can come on and once you
make your first sale maybe you go out shop and shoot a video or I made my
first sale in EPS you know I was able to go out buy my son a pair of shoes or
something so those are things you can do and I guarantee you
guys if you do this stuff every day you will start to see you know you will
start to see results but be consistent follow up with people work on yourself
develop new skills and then the last thing if if you are needing any help
from Micah and I you know you feel that you’re unsure what to say to a potential
lead be sure to reach out to us we can schedule a conference call you know you
can send them to us and we can verify any information that they need or if
you’re unsure never tell someone you do not know say I don’t know at this time
but I will find out that is the worst reply that you can give to anyone so
guys basically that’s your 3k a month blueprint what you need to do now is
keep going through the rest of the videos down below and as soon as you get
time and get the money you need to go ahead and upgrade at the $50 level you
will receive Instagram marketing training and at the hundred dollar level
you will receive my complete how to rank your YouTube videos we can go over here
and this is basically what what how I pretty much run my business now here
you’ll see one of my videos here’s another video further down this page I
have another video right here you’ll see my video at number one so just about
anything that I put up now I’ll be hit one of these spots and it makes a big
difference when you are trying to get leads and sales for your business here’s
another video so as you can see you know this is my like area of expertise so I
hope that everything you learned a little something okay I hope that you
learned a little something and make sure that you continue on going through your
training down below we are super excited to have you here and I can’t wait to
hear about your first sale all right be sure to tell us about it inside the
group you guys have a great day

Email Processing System Review 2018 3K A Month Blueprint

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    Email Processing System Review 2018 3K A Month Blueprint

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