Beginnings with FIE When we had the chance to know
FIE, through the sample hours, we realized it was
something very interesting, something
we didn’t know and that’s why we decided to
take a look at the Lyckovo Namesti School in Prague, where it was already at work. Also we agreed that
the two people who had already gone through
the sample hour would be participating
in the course. And after that, because we don’t
rush headlong into anything then it was the first
year, when we tested, well… not tested
but tried it out with students of
9th grade who had the choice to take
the FIE courses. Because we had a lot
of positive feedback, we wondered what the
next step should be. Should we wait a year or two,
or should we train the people. Thanks to the positive
feedback from not only the students
participating, during six, nine months
the teachers who taught in the 9th
grade came to notice that the students are
easier to work with, that there has been
change within the class the students communicate
in a different manner. Even thought they used their
own words to express that, Mrs. Judova and Mrs. Kostkova
and me, we all knew they were talking about
the influence of FIE because the influence
was apparent as it was clearly positive. We came to know Feuerstein
in fact by chance. When I and principal here took
up our positions at school, one of his first
initiatives was … that he would be glad for
us to go somewhere in order to get
some inspiration. I don’t recall how exactly you
reached… – In Jablonec. I went to Jablonec at first and the principal there told
me about several things, and one of them was
a pupil’s record book that belong to a student
from the Lyckovo Namesti School in Prague. At the back of it,
there were rules, or an abstract from
school’s code but in the text there
were also some rules of appropriate behaviour. Which I liked greatly and the
principal gave it to me and said that he also had been
at the Lyckovo Namesti School and knew the principal there, that he had been an open minded
fellow, so we traveled there and that’s how we
met Feuerstein. I didn’t see the lesson
of Feuerstein in person, but I spent a lot
of time there in conversation with
principal’s assistant, who was very zealous. So that kind of
carried over to me. I said to myself, how come that
we didn’t hear or read about it? But in a fortnight we received
an e-mail invitation to a sample course
of Dr. Vanova. Which I then attended,
it was in February. When I came back, I told
the principal that it was something I wanted to do,
I wanted to try. Changes brought in
by Feuerstein If I can talk about myself,
what my personal perception is I think it influences
the learning, as a process but also my own life in general. Yes, I would say it is so. And I think that the changes
will be visible on my colleagues even by the observer who
had not studied the FIE. It brings a different view
on all things around us not solely on learning process. I must say that when
passing the course of Feuerstein’s
Instrumental Enrichment I reassessed the time
needed in my subject, that is math, for
students to write a test. In 7th grade I don’t
do 10 or 20 minutes quizes instead I only give out tests and the students have as much
time as they need to finish it. That means I make double
preparations and those who finish test earlier know
what to do next, but those who need
all 45 minutes to finish the test shall be
given the time they need. I have to say I think it has
positive impact on the children, because their overall
grades have improved. I suppose that
thanks to Feuerstein teacher is able to advance and actually recognise what the
children know and don’t know. Often the time limit on test
lets us know that children don’t know something or
that they need more time with giving them time they
need, within the 45 minutes, when the child can set the
required time each for itself the results are much better. Cooperation between teachers We introduced ourselves
something we call a FIE “Cell” and we meet every week. While nobody teaches
FIE on Monday, we meet on Tuesday morning given that we teach FIE on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and we make it a pleasant while
when we talk about what each of us has experienced
in the previous classes what he or she encountered
and we share it together, we take it as a inspiration, and also we prepare pages
ieach of us going to work with, we discuss what we encountered
on pages, which some of us have already done last year, where we felt a difficulty. So we also discuss, what each
of us is going to be teaching How to prepare, what to
bring into class with us. We spent around 45 minutes
with the preparation. As long as a standard lesson,
but we manage to say a lot. I believe it’s functioning well
when the teacher knows he or she isn’t alone in this
and doesn’t have to fear, that he or she stumbles or
gets stucked. While being alone
in the particular class, other teachers are
there to share. Others can help and advise. The teacher doesn’t have to
shoulder this burden alone. I think this is
greatly important. Decorating the FIE classroom It took form at this
FIE “Cell” of ours. We wanted the children
to have an idea about what the cognitive
functions are. But we weren’t so sure if we
should use the expert language. We decided to cover
it, more or less, with the children’s language. And we named the rules in a way
most accessible to the kids. In a way the children themselves
would describe and understand. And I think that in
duration of learning with other instruments,
those terms will at least have had
to be adjusted, if not changed entirely. We are planning for that
and the board itself was made by children. Each of the entries on the board
was made in unique fashion. I must say, even small children
can navigate the board well. and are able to find
what they are looking for. Message to schools,
who would be interested in FIE When I started as a
school principal, one of the things
that helped me the most, was that my friend
and schoolmate who was already a principal,
called me. Who knew I have
become one of them. He called me and said to me,
anything you would need, Anything you would
need to ask, you will surely have
lot of questions, call me anytime,
I will be happy to help you. And I admit, that
when my other friend also started working at school, I called him on September 2nd
to offer him the same. I think that when someone
is willing to start, I wish them the
courage to do so, and of course all the care we
receive from the the Lyckovo Namesti School, from Eva Vanova,
or other institutions we are discussing
those matters with. I would like to share
it all further. When someone would like
to meet us, to talk about it, it is possible they will solve
the issues differently but that is all
okay, for he then creates the environment
he will work in. So I would like to
say to all those that we are an open school and they can come
and have a look. I wish them to have a team
willing to participate. Because I think we wouldn’t
be able to accomplish this without having the team we have. Yes, it is not only
about the will and courage of the management. It is about competent people, who are able to do
the everyday work and are wanting to do it. And we, thanks to
having those people, were then able to motivate them to continue working in order to
get the job done. We also thought a bit, because I faced the question
the whole year and a half, since I graduated
the FIE course. Why, when the method works, is effective, it is known
to be effective, where was it all the 25 years
since after the revolution? And why is it being promoted
at such a slow pace? We we also thinking
into the future, that it would be good to have something that would, based on
experience we would accumulate, encompass those efforts. We would like to have an
organization or something. – FIE “Big Cell” – –
Yes, FIE “Big Cell” For the people who are just
beginning, so that they can come and ask and witness
this “Cell” of ours to get inspiration and
shared experience. To make use of what we have. Because it’s easier
to follow someone’s trail than it is to tread alone. That might be one concern
heading into the future. I see this as an humble offer. We are offering help, which we
were once also given by others. If the journey from Moravia
to Prague is too long, anyone can come to us. If they like the path
we decided to follow. Video created by Visit us at: Subtitles by

FIE implementation in Svitavy
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