Hi everyone, I’m Matt Riley and I’m Head of Brand at Over. My session is going to be about some simple tools tricks and tips to
build an authentic brand story so that you can stand out in an increasingly
noisy digital world. Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to work with a few
of the world’s most valuable brands the really big ones — but what’s
always made me the most excited is seeing brands available in the ground up, I’m
really passionate authentic individuals and at Over we believe absolutely
everyone has the potential to be creative they just need the right tools,
some added inspiration and a bit of confidence so today we want to give you
all of those things. So we’ve collided all the knowledge we have at Over and
from our users and today is all about giving you a quick start guide to finding
your brand’s authentic voice and helping you get there. So we’re gonna be tackling
a few big-ticket items, the first is how to stand out at a big noisy digital
world — what are you up against, what’s your advantage. Really importantly, how to
find your brand’s unique authentic story we’re gonna talk a little a little bit
about distinctiveness which is all about standing out and staying authentic and
then a few quick tips on how to hold all of that together. So before we get
started take a deep breath relax sounds overwhelming but we’ve got you! Over is a
full-service design application that gives you the power to inspire the world, build
a business or grow your brand all in the palm of your hand. So let’s start with a
big scary truth right now the battle for your attention is fiercer than ever
before. Think about it like this every single time you open anything that’s
digital, connected digital world, someone’s collecting your data to figure
figure out how to optimize their tactics to message you. It’s harder to hide from
this information, it’s harder for you to stand out, but here’s a good part:
originality, it’s an advantage, always has been, always will be, but now more than
ever before originality is actually an economic advantage for you when you’re
creating content and developing your brand. What started to happen is people are
relying on machine algorithms to create their content and curate like feeds. Everyone
sees the same stuff and it’s not that exciting.
So now I’m more than ever if you can stand out
you’re gonna win, so let’s give you some simple tools to find your authentic
story so you can start standing out. Here’s a simple tool that you can use to
find your authentic brand story it’s going to routes and a Harvard Business
Review article and it’s called the four truths I’ll talk you through it quickly
and I’ll give you a real-life example of a brand that we really love to get you
started. So first thing to keep in mind what are we trying to do is develop an
authentic storyline for your brand when it’s done properly it sounds up a simple
statement for your brand point of view in the world and the direction that
you’re going in. It’s got four key building blocks, so the first building
block is your truth — what what makes your product unique, your service or company
characteristic, that really kind of stands out and gives you a story its
roots. Think about it as your origin story meets the thing that makes you
really special. The next foundation is the audience truth. What’s the truth
about your audience? It’s a desire or need you can satisfy, and this isn’t
about what you want to tell them it’s what they really need from you. Next
truth of the moment. What’s a big important thing that’s happening in
culture that you can either push against feel or be a part of, and this is really
about kind of like tapping into the zeitgeist of what’s happening out there
and then finally what’s the truth of your mission beyond profit beyond kind
of you know just making money what are you doing what you doing. So here’s
an example a practical example of a new brand that we really love it’s actually
one of our ex colleagues at Over who turned her side hustle into a full time
job, so her brand is what’s best, it’s a beautiful new jewelry brand that’s
really about kind of a positive idea on beauty. So Rebecca’s truth, the founder,
was that initially she didn’t really kind of fit in growing up. She dressed a
bit differently, she didn’t kind of hang out in all the cool crowds and then she
started to realize and started to take power from standing out instead of
fitting in and she really decided to embrace how good it felt to be different
from everyone else. She took this as her truth, and she started looking at
the world around her and she said well there’s an audience out there of so many
women that are made to feel self-conscious because they’re trying to
fit into trends and then why does it happen? Well we live in a moment where
we’ve validated by consensus. People are looking to others
instead of themselves for validation. Think about all those likes you wake up
looking for, and then finally the mission Rebecca looked up in the world she said
I’d love to see a place where everything you’re born with is all you need to feel
amazing, okay, and that is the world that she wants to create with her brand and
all of this comes together in best strategic storyline which is saying the
world best regards by being your best self it’s a simple confidence statement
their positions are jewellry brand as an accessory to your own inner confidence.
So now you’ve got a great foundation for compiling an authentic
brand story, but how do you make your brand like visually arresting, beautiful,
consistent and recognizable? This is all about distinctiveness. You want your
brand to start to build like muscle memory in people’s heads — it’s a step and repeat like omnipresent but most importantly the standout elements and
great make your brand instantly recognizable. So let’s talk about
building those for you so I’m oversimplifying things here but
because your distinctive assets as well as your tone of voice they all work in
this wonderful combination to bring bring your brand to life and that’s
where your creativity really comes in but for now if you’re getting started
focus on three things, that’s three, first of all color fun fact 90% of product
judgments are based on color alone colors help you communicate your tone
your accessibility and maybe even things like exclusivity how niche or mass you
are so you can start out by thinking about what kind of feeling you want to
evoke or convey. Warm colors convey action energy and brightness whereas
cool colors are linked to calm, peace, serenity. Certain colors are associated with
power, luxury, and strength, and others with youth and creativity so the good
news is we’ve got tons of amazing content for you to deep dive into all
about color theory on the Over blog and really simple tools in there to help you
build your own custom color palette with things like an easy-to-use color picker
right the next big thing is your font and this is this is a design decision
that’s going to help you express your tone of voice
certain groupings of fonts come baked in with cultural meaning and
expectations based on the historical use of what’s happening right now
contemporary culture but here’s a quick cheat serif fonts tend to represent
tradition respectability and even discernment. Sans-serif fonts
signal modernity objectivity and often innovation they often we see them being
used in a lot of technology companies at the moment
modern fonts are progressive, strong and stylish and display fonts, so your
friendly expressive and amusing fonts. And really it’s about taking these into
account when you’re picking your font to say like what signals are these are
these sending in terms of how is my brand communicating. In the Over app
you’ll find hundreds of fonts to choose from and you can import your own custom
fonts to get that extra special touch okay
so we have a great story and we worked on a set of beautiful distinctive assets
to match but now how you choose to bring those to life it’s up to you but I want
to give you a simple checklist to keep building a clear idea of what your brand
stands for. So the first thing is and the most important advice I’d give you is to
be consistent and authentic. Brands aren’t built overnight they don’t just like
appear. There the sum of all the cumulative experiences and encounters
people have with them, so every little thing you do builds that muscle memory
of what your brand’s about and what it stands for. The second is make your point
of view clear. This is critical particular for brands that rely heavily on kind of a
content strategy. I’ll give you an example if you are in the Beauty
category self-care could mean something like physical improvement or it could be
about finding inner peace and confidence two very different interpretations on a
theme but your point of view is going to dictate how that comes to
life and then finally don’t let your brand be the guy that kind of walks into
a room and just talks about himself and pays no attention to those around him or
shows genuine interest. You want your brand to kind of really care deeply
about your users, your customers, your fans needs and what that means is is not
rushing out there saying look what I can do look what we can do for you and
talking all about your features but really worth thinking about why does
this matter to people and how do you deliver the benefits in a way that like
makes their life better so in short find your story let that be
a guide for your point of view and then help others achieve happiness in that
space that where you really try to impact the world. So that’s a wrap
hopefully that’s a few good easy tools for you to use and some quick pointers
to get you up and running with an authentic brand story

Finding Your Brand Voice Through Aesthetic and Design by Over’s Matt Riley
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