My name’s Darryl Shorts.
I’m an infrastructure architect at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System. The mission is to follow in the
footsteps of St Francis of Assisi. It is to take care of those who are
in need, who can’t help themselves. We’ve got over nine hospitals,
we’ve got hundreds of clinics, so we have to be able to move at speed,
at the speed of our business. There is no comparison when you talk about Synergy;
just the things that Synergy does, being able to roll out BIOS from one profile.
Some of the immediate benefits that we saw were ease of deployment, quick deployment timelines,
being able to do updates very quickly, being able to monitor systems more closely,
getting more analytics on systems. We’re able to reduce the number of desktops,
give it to the clinician a lot faster, give them their log-on screen a lot
faster than we were before. Faster access for the clinician means
more time with the patient. With OneView, we’re able to create a single profile
and roll that out to all the compute modules in the Synergy frames singularly, consistently,
with BIOS updates that we set, that we can customize to all of our systems in minutes. The Synergy platforms and the things that are
available to us now, and the things that are coming to us really soon, are just going to be fantastic
for our organization, our sys admins, our operations department and
our security department as well. I’m excited about Image Streamer. Image Streamer
is a very vital part of the Synergy platform; being able to provision servers, roll out servers,
very quickly and do updates, security updates. Synergy’s put us in a better place because it allows
us to do those updates very quickly. It allows us to roll out services for our businesses, from the time of delivery to the time of implementation. We had to have some expertise to help us,
because we had a very short timeline. So we had HPE’s Implementation
Services come on site with us. Our other partner in the implementation of
Synergy was Mainline Information Systems. HPE and Mainline partnered to make sure
that we had everything that we needed in order to get this implemented
in our environment for production. We have been a long-time customer of HPE.
We believe in the relationship between the two. HPE has always been there to support
us whenever we needed.

Franciscan Missionaries benefits from composable infrastructure

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