Moffat: I’m Alex Moffat,
the chief engineer for Lombardi Blueprint, and I’m gonna show you
Blueprint, an app that we built
with Google Web Toolkit. So Blueprint is a business
process mapping tool for business users to collaboratively describe
their processes, and try
and get agreement about what
the processes actually are. So the tool–what they’d
be using instead of Blueprint is probably PowerPoint
or Visio. You can see here
in the app that on the left-hand side we have an outline
of the process, and on the right-hand side,
we have sort of a map view. I can, uh, enter items
into the outline. And then I can do
some drag and drop. We also have, um,
a diagram view, which looks a lot more
like Visio. I can switch to that now. Now the diagram
actually does automated, uh, layout
of the boxes and routing
of the lines. And all of this is happening
on the client in JavaScript, which is pretty remarkable. Everything that
you’re seeing here is done– is executing
in an ordinary browser in JavaScript. There’s no Flash or other
client-side plugins required. And really, that’s the benefit
that we get from Google Web Toolkit. We don’t have to worry
about all of the browser quirks that you fight with when
you’re writing pure JavaScript. We just write in a language
that we like to use, and they take care of all
the difficult bits for us.

GWT Developers – Lombardi Blueprint
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One thought on “GWT Developers – Lombardi Blueprint

  • January 10, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Alex, I was at your session at the QCon, and your demo of Blueprint blew me away. Not only am I using GWT because of your talk, but I'm also an avid Blueprint user. Thanks!


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