we always did well because we were regarded I think by the administration as one of the blossoming departments on campus but We started with nothing. I mean we started [with] Virtually nothing No, no research infrastructure very few people and we had no model to work with we were one of the few places that started that way in the hole in the whole country maybe the whole world but in chemistry You can’t be competitive in chemistry without major infrastructure facilities you need State-of-the-Art spectroscopy labs you need NMR. You need X-Ray crystallography You need mass spectroscopy you need computational things We had none of that I remember Larry and I Discussing cook should we sort of hook our wagon to Riverside who had a mass [spec] and we could maybe use their mass spec We decided not to that we would we needed our own so you [cannot] be competitive without these facilities You can’t hire. Good people without these facilities unless you’re lucky like we were larry you can’t recruit good students because good faculty don’t come they want to come and be competitive on a worldwide basis, so we struggled desperately in those early days and fortunately the upper administration would back us but it all initiated within the chemistry department larry might write a grant for to the NSF for a mass spec and usually that required matching funds To really do it right you had to have more than one mass spec you had to have a mass spec Lab and a phd Technician to run to run the lab the same would be true with NMR same would be true with X-Ray Crystallography and so on so it I don’t think the administration recognized the need for that And if they did they probably would have said well, you do the initial You do the initial probing did a grant and we’ll help you they did that but if I were reliving this Moment in history. I would have made a much more Detailed an aggressive argument that we need these facilities if you want us to be a competitive chemistry department We did it We did it to a large extent because larry. I mean, I’m not trying to Glorify larry, but he he Larry Was a rising star and he [he] was in great demand to go off and give lectures and He would evaluate he would look at USC, or yale or someplace and Recognized that they had Really good facilities. He would come [back] and really push hard for us to Be competitive and over the years may have taken Maybe up to 1980 or 85 or something like that To really get to that point where we could be competitive and all of a sudden when I look at the department We sort of run a gradual climb in terms of quality and then all of a sudden We took a huge leap and that huge leap I think Corresponds almost exactly with The building of the research infrastructure of the department because all of a all of a sudden, it’s almost like overnight You know in a way? That we could now recruit the best faculty in the country They would they would help recruit the best graduate students in the country and I attribute that to a lot of factors But the most important. I think is this Research infrastructure that we were that we were able to build

Hal Moore and Larry Overman – Research Infrastructure
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