CHRISTIE: WEATHER CAN’T HOLD BACK THE BIGGEST FOOTBALL GAME AROUND HERE IN AT LEAST A COUPLE DECADES. THE DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPION CLEMSON TIGERS COME TO THE DOME TO TAKE ON S-U SATURDAY NIGHT, IN PRIME TIME. NEWSCHANNEL NINE’S JEFF JEFF: IT’S NOT QUITE AS COMPLICATED AS YOU MIGHT THINK, ALL THE GATES ARE OPEN, INCLUDING GATE B…A REALLY POPULAR WAY IN AND OUT THREE SIMPLE THINGS TO REMEMBER….PARKIN G LOTS FOR FOOTBALL OPEN AT THREE…..SHUTTLES FROM ALL PARKING LOTS START AT FOUR….AND THE GATES TO THE DOME OPEN AT 5:30. JEFF: John Wildhack, Syracuse University Athletic Director, ” At 7:30 we kick it off. We’re excited.We encourage fans to leave their homes early to allow plenty of time to get to wherever they’re parking.” JEFF: WHICH FOR MANY PEOPLE WILL BE THE FAMILIAR SKYTOP LOT ON SOUTH CAMPUS…20- DOLLARS PER CAR…..IF THAT’S YOU BE READY FOR SOME CHANGES GETTING INTO THE DOME. Pete Sala, Managing Director, Carrier Dome, ” So the SkyTop side of the house where you come in from the east side is drastically different when you get around the corner of the Physics Building. 8:38 So you’ll see our metal detectors and our security people out between The Arch and Physics, we’re actually going to create a new area there on Thursday and over by the Ernie Davis statue there will be another area over there.” JEFF: WITH ALL THE CONSTRUCTION GOING ON THEY’RE TRYING TO MAKE IT AS EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO GET IN AND OUT OF THE ARENA. Pete Sala, Managing Director, Carrier Dome, ” We’ll have a lot of people around the building guiding people into the facility, making sure they understand the changes that you’ll see with the construction going on.” JEFF: SO THAT WHEN THE BALL IS KICKED OFF, THE DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPS GET THE FULL EFFECT OF PLAYING IN THE DOME. John Wildhack, Syracuse University Athletics Director, ” We need The Dome to be The Loud House on Saturday because we want to show the Nation the pride we have in our program and when you have recruits on campus an atmosphere like that can have a lasting impression.” Pete Sala, Managing Director, Carrier Dome, ” What a great atmosphere, what a great vibe.This reminds me of the Nebraska game.It’s just incredible to have this many tickets out. It’s what we do, it’s what the building was built for, so we’re excited about it.” 9 AND LOCAL SYR DOT COM.

Heading to the SU/Clemson game Saturday? Here’s how construction could impact getting into the Dome
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