Well we spend a lot of time working with people
around the country to invest in different projects, rail projects like this. Actually, it’s one thing to see it on your
desk but it’s another to come and see it in person and I really just wanted to see
progress as things are about to get under way this evening on building this brand-new
station. Well my understanding is that this is the
biggest community not served by a station that has a railway line running right the
way through. I think 57,000 odd people and so I think it’s really important to get
those connections back. This line will take people direct there will
be a train each hour and I think it will really help the local community get about. Be able
to, perhaps its travelling for work, perhaps it’s for travelling for pleasure but it
prevents people from having to jump in the car every time they want to get somewhere
and not everyone has access to that so I think it will make a big difference and it’s exactly the sort of thing we’re supporting up and down the country. I know the county council kicked it off, I
know the local enterprise partnership’s been involved. I know the money from the New
Stations Fund from the Department for Transport has been involved, £10.5m in total. And I
know the whole community will want to come here for the opening to see that later in
the spring/summer. It’s enormously important, it shows how
when different bits of different authorities, different groups get together you can really
achieve things and that’s why I think it’s so exciting to see this development this morning.
And well good luck with the construction phase, I look forward to coming back, perhaps on
the train next time. It’s great to see the Secretary of State
for Transport here this morning looking at the work so far on the new railway station
at Horden. Work on the station literally about to start in the next couple of days and obviously
we’re looking at an opening date at the end of April. I think it shows how important
it is for the region in terms of this new station. We don’t have new stations being
built very often. This has been a long-held ambition in the east of County Durham to have
a station here at Horden and it’s fantastic seeing it come into fruition and to have the
secretary of state here visiting this morning. It never made any sense to have the line going
straight through without a station here and that’s why it’s taken such a long time
to be able to build this new station, but it is fantastic now to see this being built.
It will give people access to employment, importantly, whether that’s in Teesside,
Hartlepool, Sunderland, Tyneside. And obviously the car parking is being built
here of a size to accommodate well over 100 cars so that people can leave their vehicles
here and then access the rail services to get to where they need to get to. So, we’re
very excited about the project it really is good seeing this come to life and we’re
really looking forward to the opening of the station later this year.

Horden Railway Station construction
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