My name is Rakel Karlsdóttir
I’m from Iceland, now based here in Copenhagen, owner and founder of Rakel Karls
studio. We do creative consulting and architectural consulting. If a
company comes up and say we need your help of creating this space to be even
more functional for us or better in the atmosphere. It could be a lot of things.
My speciality is actually to just listen to the client, get all the information –
what they dream of, what the vision is, what the focus is, what the problem is what they’re needing, all that I collect together. I fold everything out in
certain way and start to puzzle it together. I create a pattern for it. It’s
it’s the same core even though I’m doing furniture, architecture or consulting.
Seeing the opportunity in each project solving the problems in its project. And
it’s actually it doesn’t like matter which scale we’re talking about. That is
the core for for my company from business perspective you need to be able
to work on certain project within certain timeline to be able to get the
next one and the next one the next one, if you if you have a huge
architecture company. Within that time you have certain hours that you offer
the client, that the client buys. Even though the company put so many more more hours
into the project. Sometimes the projects are so big that you don’t go into the
detail that’s why often like an interior company, interior design
company, interior architecture company comes and gets plugged on. Instead of one
company tried to accomplish everything you focus it on what you really good at
why the client has come to you, put another company on top of it to be
focused on the detailing. for me sustainable materials is like common sense. Every
single object I look at I always look at how what kind of material can we use
for it and how are they made. Of course it’s better it’s all around.
It’s not about I’m doing a sustainable chair – I’m doing a chair.

How an Architecture and Design Consultant Rocks at Making Spaces come alive – ArchitectureQuote

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