Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back and checking out my
video. It’s not a good day here today for me in the
area where I live. It’s raining so it’s a good day to do some
videos. We get a lot of sunshine in our area. In fact, we live in one of the highest sunshine
regions of New Zealand. But you got to enjoy the rain and the sun
nicely. So I’ve got a question here from a subscriber
called Shary Bela. Sherry or Shary, I think it’s Sherry. No, it’s Shary, Shary Bela. “Hi Eric, could you please explain do we take
CanXida Remove, Restore and Rebuild at the same time? I’m confused when to take CanXida Rebuild.” Well Shary, Rebuild can be taken at any time
profitably, but it’s best taken really after you’ve done some type of cleanse or detox
and your digestive system is working reasonably okay. So the CanXida Remove and Restore are great
to take right at the beginning of the protocol. So you can take these at any time. So they’re really going to help to rebuild,
repair and cleanse the whole digestive system. So you can put Rebuild in at the beginning
if you’ve got a pretty healthy gut like I have, but if you’ve living a lifestyle with
alcohol and bad foods and you’re carrying a bit of weight and you want to get yourself
into shape, my recommendation are to follow the instructions in Candida Crusher, do a
bit of a bowel cleanse, go on a bit of a cleanup for a few weeks. You can either do a light detoxification,
medium, or more of an in-depth one that could take a few month depending on what you want
to achieve. And then I would recommend, as you’re starting
to feel a little bit better, put Rebuild in at the rate of one per day. I know some people who take two Rebuilds per
day, even three. I know some people are quite naughty and who
don’t eat a very good diet but still take CanXida Rebuild while they’re trying to clean
up their gut. So there’s no hard and fast rules. But the best time to take CanXida Rebuild
is after a little bit of a cleanse or a detox. Especially good to put into your diet when
you’re eating good foods and you’ve made some changes to your diet, you can put it in. One per day will suit most people. But if you’ve been feeling weak and tired,
there’s no reason why you can’t take two per day for ongoing. Three per day is more heavy duty, short term,
if you’re very fatigued and what to build up. But one to two per day is sufficient. Someone like me, one per day is generally
fine. That’s going to ensure you’re going to get
all the trace elements that you’re looking for in your body, all of those small and unusual
things like copper and molybdenum and zinc for example. But it also means you’re going to get all
of those herbs that are built into CanXida Rebuild that are going to stop SIBO or candida
coming back up again once you’ve cleaned the gut up. So many patients I have stay on CanXida Rebuild
long term. They just take one to two per day and it keeps
their gut in great shape because it’s the only multi I’ve ever seen with a backend built
around it of a antimicrobial formulation. It even contains mastic gum in there which
helps to inhibit helicobacter pylori. So I designed it for people who’ve got long-term
gut problems and who want to stay well for a long, long time. CanXida Rebuild has been out now for a while
and we’ve had some amazing feedback from people who stayed on that product for up to a year
or more who slowly, slowly got their gut into a very high state of functioning. And I think it’s because of the antimicrobial
herbs in that product. So it certainly does work beautifully in the
system of CanXida with the Remove, the ultimate cleanser. Then we’ve got the Restore, the ultimate regeneration
of the gut. And then we’ve got the rebuilder, which helps
really to feed the cells of the body and build its health right back up again. So the combination works beautifully. So I always recommend people to take all three
products instead of just Remove and Restore. Always get the Rebuild as well because they’re
meant to go together. So I hope that answers your question Shary. Wait a little while, change your diet, maybe
start some gentle exercises, work on your sleep and lifestyle, then put Rebuild in there. The first thing you do is get your food and
your diet in a great shape. Once you’ve done that, that’s a great opportunity
to put the multi in there as well. So I hope that answers your question. Thanks for the question Shary, appreciate

How Do I Take CanXida Rebuild?
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3 thoughts on “How Do I Take CanXida Rebuild?

  • May 2, 2019 at 5:50 am

    When taking canxida remove and canxida restore i was on it for few weeks then started drinking liquor again and is it best just to avoid it all and have like warmth sensation on my legs its this normal when taking these products

  • July 10, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Hello Eric Bakker, does Canxida Rebuild have iodine, it is not mentioned on the list of ingredients. Looking forward to hearing from you on this, thank you.

  • November 9, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Dr Bakker, I am interested in trying the Rebuild supplement. What do you think of vitamin A toxicity from Palmitate? What is too much Vitamin A? And can I still eat liver (rich in A)on top of that? Thank you


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