This time I’ll be starting the kitchen rebuild.
Replacing the floor, building a new wall and drywalling. I’m starting by cutting new joist to the correct
length… …and marking the crown, the natural bow
in the wood, to ensure I install them the correct way up. Next I’m adding bracing to bind the new joists
to the existing. These braces will also provide a fixing point
for the new stud wall. The new joists are sitting a little low, so
I’m jacking them up… …then securing with masonary screws. Next I can start to install the new floorboards. I’m using tonge and groove boards… …but I’m removing some on the tonges to
make lifting them up easier in future. Turns out I didn’t order enough boards, but
for now I secure these in place and fill in the gaps later. Two screws per board at every joist intersection. I’m marking out for the new stud wall… …and screwing the bottom plate into the
bracing I installed earlier Next I’m adding bracing directly above to
give me somewhere to attach the top plate. I’ve cut studs and fixing them in between
the top and bottom plate, right up against the wall. They’re slightly longer to ensure a tight
fit which stops them from moving whilst I add screws. I’m positioning the studs so a full sheet
of drywall will cover the door opening. With the main studs in place I can remove
the bottom plate in the door opening. Next I’m adding Jack studs and securing them
to the King studs. This bracing will stiffen up the structure. These studs are slightly misasligned, so I’m
using a screw and a hammer to apply leverage, then securing
in place. So now they’re aligned. I’ve ordered more floorboards, so I can fill
in the gaps. These holes in the brick work make room for
a new beam that picks up the load of the old partition
wall. Joist hangers transfer the load from the staircase
into the beam. The beam is secured in place with new brick
work. I’ve allowed the mortar to dry so now I can
remove the temporary support. This wall has been badly repaired and pertruds
almost an inch… …so I’m taking it down. It also gives me a chance to get rid of these
holes. The mortar is a 5:1 mix of building sand and
cement with water and plasticer. Adding an even bed and pushing the bricks
down into it. Checking it’s inline with existing coarses
as I go… …and tieing into the old brickwork using
masonary screws. I think that’s OK for a first attempt. Now in the new kitchen, I’m adding battens
to the walls… …I drill a 7mm through hole… …adding a wall plug… …then securing with a screw. I’m doing the same in old kitchen which will
now become the new utility room. Drywalling the cieling first… …then boarding the walls. Next I’m adding soundproofing insulation before
I cover the studs with drywall. I’m fixing a full sheet of drywall over the
doorway to reduce the risk of cracking. In the new kitchen the doorway has been moved
over so now I have to add flooring beneath the door opening. Next I’m boarding the walls. I should have
boarded the ceiling first but I was waiting on building
work. The building work is finished so now I can
board the ceiling… …and finally I can board the last wall. Proffesional Builder and Materials 910
Timber 170 Plumbing 180
Proffesional Electrician 200 Drywalling 135
Profesional Plasterer 745 So the cost of this stage of the project was
2340 And the cost so far is 123,380

How do you replace a floor??? – Kitchen Rebuild | P1V6 | ShortWorx
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3 thoughts on “How do you replace a floor??? – Kitchen Rebuild | P1V6 | ShortWorx

  • December 3, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Great video, thanks for putting together. I have a first floor bathroom floor that I need to firm up as I now have a washing machine being installed there and it shakes like crazy. Do you have any advice on how I shout achieve this? I had a RSJ installed on one side and it appears the floor is not connected to the RSJ in any way…. !

  • September 14, 2019 at 7:24 am

    Hi mate
    Thank you for the wonderful videos .
    It’s so useful ,,,and if you work around Manchester I am honored to serve you with you

  • March 2, 2020 at 1:34 pm

    The link to the tools 🛠 is not working..


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